helen_damnation (helen_damnation) wrote in jayne_simon,

Ficlet, Sometimes

Title: Stuck On You
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Joss is Boss
A/N: written for the Sekrit Cabel Porn Battle, prompt: trapped. I don't think it's quite what the prompter had in mind, but I didn't want to be too obvious. Not that cliches aren't fun too. Also, this is my first Jayne/Simon, so go easy on me, please?

Now the Doc's real pretty, with them pouty lips and that lily-white skin, and he's surprisingly wild in bed once you get him there, but sometimes, Jayne wishes he'd never started this thing between them.

And it was him that started it. Complimented him, brought him presents, cleaned hisself up, even made nice with li'l crazy. Wooed him, like a Core boy would expect. Only, Jayne's not too great at thinking things through.

Didn't think that maybe Simon might get the wrong idea, with the wooing, think it meant more than it did. Jus' wanted a regular rutting partner, and figured him the most likely, or, rather, least unlikely. Didn't think maybe Doc'd like to do other stuff. Kissing on the mouth, for example, he does that a lot, and not always before/during/after sex, either. Sometimes just because. And it's been made extremely clear that Jayne's not to go anywhere near a whorehouse.

Jayne didn't reckon on Doc falling for him. Didn't reckon on feeling so trapped. Didn't think about the fact that if he broke Simon's heart, Simon might forgive him, because he has before, but no-one else on board will.

Li'l crazy would kill him with her brain for hurting her brother. Mal'd shove him out the airlock for causing a complication. Kaylee'd kill him for not appreciating what she's panted over for years. Inara and Zoe... well, they just wanted to believe in something good, and, like the Doc, they'd chosen to believe this was it.

So, here is Jayne. Stuck in a trap of his own making.

And here is Simon, oblivious, talking about some doctor-thing that he doesn't really expect Jayne to be listening to, cleaning the gun that Jayne gave him, stroking over the barrel with those long, elegant fingers, surgeons hands, up anddown and *twist* and wow, was Jayne complaining a second ago? Really?

It seems pretty unbelievable, 'cuz right now all he wants to do is throw the guns off the table and fuck him into it while those elegant hands claw at him. And *Vera* is on that table, but he almost doesn't care, that's how horny he is.

It must show, because Simon's looking at him, and he's not talking anymore. He's just looking at Jayne, and smirking, and eyeing him up and down in a way that should infuriate Jayne, but really just drives him wild more surely than any whore ever did.

Then he's putting the gun down, sliding off his seat and *straddling* Jayne. In the *dining room*. And he's planting his feet on the rungs of the stool and just *rocking* against him, right then and there, where anyone could walk in, just because of a look.

He's hard alreay, they both are, and it's always like this. Sudden and dirty and fast, often mostly-clothed and semi-public.

Then there cocks are free, and Jayne doesn't know how but shiny, and he really wants to see white stains on that elaborate waistcoat that's still buttoned to the neck and somehow this is the thought that makes that wish come true. Simon's laughing a little, breathless and beautiful, and then he's shuddering to a stop. He rests his forehead against Jayne's, breathing hard across his face, and it's Jayne who brings their lips together.

Sometimes Jayne feels trapped.

Sometimes he can't believe how lucky he is.
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