Ana (ana_grrl) wrote in jayne_simon,

Jayne, Simon ficlet (warnings for non-happy)

Simon, Jayne
Not super happy.
No movie spoilers.

A Firefly has all kinds of hiding places, some better hidden than others. A while back, Mal had insisted that they reinforce one of the best spaces, make it safe and sound, just in case.

No one had asked him what he'd been worried about. They all knew.

Jayne and Simon are in there now, crowded together in the near-dark, but not because the space is small (Mal had insisted it be big enough for nine, even if it would be a little cramped). They're leaning against each other, both out of breath, with Simon struggling to even out the rapid beating of his heart.

Simon focuses on that rhythm, on the sounds of Jayne's breathing. He's trying to block out the sounds from outside.

Jayne had dragged them in here, after it all went to hell. The others didn't make it. Simon can't quite think about it yet. Not that he has much time left to think about anything.

"They'll find us." His voice is a whisper, almost right in Jayne's ear. Wouldn't do to give away their position.

Jayne takes a deep breath. "Yeah."

"But they didn't see us come in here." The door is disguised from the outside, and it offers Simon a moment of almost-hope, but –

"Nope. Don't think so. But I'm thinkin' maybe they can smell us out. Only thing that makes sense."

Who knows? But it doesn't matter. The sounds are getting closer. The door is reinforced, but it'll only last for so long.

"Jayne –"

"I won't get et."

Simon closes his eyes.

"I'll shoot us both first."

Leaning away slightly, Simon looks down at his hand, stiff from drying blood, and says, "Thanks."

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