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Post-Series AU, part 2

Title: Post-Series AU, part 2
Authors: wildannuette as Simon and kitsunesan as Jayne
Pairing: Jayne/Simon
Word Count: 11,122
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Pr0n, and fluffy!Jayne, cause I can't seem to beat him out of my system.
Feedback: Desperately craved.
Notes: Okay, we started the plot, as you can see in the firt few paragraphs, but Jayne said something stupid and then they got a bit...distracted. So the plot will continue in part three. XD

Mal didn't like Badger. He didn't like jobs that he got through Badger. Jobs that came from Badger invariably ended in him, and more often than not, at least one other member of the crew being shot, or stabbed, or some combination thereof. Unfortunately, a man in his line of work couldn't afford to be picky, because jobs were scarce even in the best of times, and these were not them. So when he got a hail from Badger saying that there was a moon about a day and half's ride from where they were that was badly in need of a doctor, Mal sighed and asked him for the details against his better judgment.

"It's a border moon Mal, one 'a the newer ones. My cousin went out there on account 'a them needin' settlers. Alliance offered any willing parties a hefty sum on top of a nice little plot of land. Shoulda been suspicious, what with all the fringe benefits, but he got his brains from my father's side 'a the family. They ain't as smart as the rest of us."

"Spare me the genealogy Badger, and just get to the point."

"No need to be so snippy, Captain. Anyway, the point is, the terra-forming on the planet's not so stable. It wasn't bad at first, but just yesterday they had a pretty bad earthquake, lot of injures. Could use a doctor, and I hear yours is one of the best. And since the Alliance gave them such a hefty sum for settling there, they can pay dearly for his services."

"I dunno Badger, unstable terra-forming? Don't sound particularly safe for me an' mine."

"The pay will reflect the danger, I can promise you that."

Mal lifted an eyebrow suspiciously. This was getting into ‘too good to be true’ territory, and when things seemed too good to be true, it was usually because they were. "Why d'you care so much about a bunch of people on a border moon? What’s in it for you?"

Badger put on his 'you've wounded my honor' face. "I already told you- I got the word from my cousin. Just 'cause he's not so bright don’t mean I don't care. Family ties and all that. You look after your own, and so do I. Besides, I’ll be accepting a modest finder’s fee for my services. Business is business, after all."

Badger’s familial concern didn't strike Mal as particularly genuine, but if they got paid even half of what he’d had offered, it would be worth the risk. So despite heavy misgivings, he sighed and nodded his head. "Okay, you've got a deal. We'll be there in less than two days time. And I expect to see that money up front."

"Wouldn't have it any other way. Lovely dealing with you as always, Captain." He smiled that smile that always made Mal want to hit him and cut off the wave. Rubbing absently at his forehead, Mal reached over and hit the comm.

"I'm gonna need y'all to come up to the bridge post-haste, people. We've got a job."

Simon stared around the infirmary, a grimace on his lip as he noticed a definite lack in supplies. Money had been tight recently and he’d been forced to cut everything down the bare minimum, some of which they still hadn’t been able to afford. He was seriously tempted to suggest planning another heist, perhaps on another hospital or medical center, or even lower than that- perhaps on one of the Core’s academy’s or schools. Painkillers, adrenaline and sedatives were some of the things he was running dangerously low on, and most of the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs were well past their expiry dates. Given the crew’s magnetism for trouble and their ability (his own included) to attract bullets, Simon needed the stock.

He sighed, grimacing as he walked towards the doors, leg still stiff where the bullet had penetrated. It was taking longer to heal, especially as Simon hadn’t so much rested as kept going, being an atrocious patient and causing himself no end of grief. He was sure he’d given Jayne some guilt the night before, knowing that they shouldn’t be having sex yet (least not the kind of sex they were gagging for), but still teasing his lover and letting Jayne touch him till they were too far gone to care or remember, consequently aggravating Simon’s leg once more.

As Mal’s voice came over the com system, a grin spread over Simon’s face. The news had come just at the right time and he made his way quickly towards the bridge, poking his lover in the side as he caught up with him on the way.

"About time we caught some luck, wouldn’t you say?"

"I'll say." Jayne wrapped his arm around Simon's shoulders as they walked, letting the smaller man lean against him for support as his leg still hadn't fully healed. Part of which was Jayne's own fault, but he couldn't really be blamed, not when Simon was as eager and...persuasive, as he was. "Can't help but wonder what kinda job though, all the way out here like we are. Cap'n never mentioned havin' any contacts."

They made their way up to the bridge, arriving shortly after the rest of the crew. Mal briefed them on his wave from Badger, and little to his surprise, no one looked particularly thrilled.

"Does this really seem like a good idea to you, Sir? Badger's not the most trustworthy man, and this doesn't sit well with me."

"Right you are, Zoe, which is why you'll be comin' with us. Jayne, little as I like havin' you an' the Doc workin' together, seein' as how the temptation might be great fer you two ta" he shuddered a little, "’slack off’, I think we'll be needin' your muscle. We touch down in about thirty-three hours. I expect y'all to be waitin’ in the cargo bay at that time, ready to go. The sooner we get this done with, the sooner we get coin in our pockets, and the happier I'll be."

With that they were dismissed. Jayne shrugged, turning to head back to the infirmary with Simon. He knew that they were short on supplies, as the doctor had been complaining about it somewhat incessantly, and he knew that Simon would need all the time they had to go through and see what they could afford to spare.

"Think we can resist the temptation?" Simon’s voice was low, a smile on his face as he spoke, though he felt a little uneasy. It seemed a general consensus that Badger couldn’t be trusted, and Simon would rather any other kind of job than one of his, given his how the others had ended. But they needed the money desperately, and given that Mal had to turn down jobs just to keep he and River out of Alliance radar, Simon wasn’t about to complain or question. Besides, it gave him a chance to do his job. His whole job- not just being a medic, but a surgeon too. Given the circumstances under which their services were required, Simon expected to be put to full use.

"Hell no," Jayne snorted, only half-joking. He knew that a job like this (even if it was on the level- something that he couldn't take for granted given who it had come from) would be extremely taxing on Simon, especially given the doctor's tendency to run himself ragged, a tendency only complicated by his injury. They would hardly have time to sneak off for sex, but he intended to make damned sure that Simon rested at least once in a while, difficult a task though it would be. Smart as he was, Simon was blind when it came to realizing that he would be of no use to anyone if he worked himself to death. "But if we're discreet enough, that's somethin' that the Captain doesn't need ta know." Tightening his arm, he drew Simon towards him for a quick kiss.

His eyes flicking around the Infirmary, mentally groaning at the task ahead, the division and careful collection of what they could spare versus what they would, Simon knew the likelihood was they’d be far too busy to do anything of the sort, however much appeal the idea had. But he wasn’t about to say so, especially when Jayne pulled him in for a kiss. Body melding to his lover’s, lips parting, Simon deepened the kiss, changing it from brief to long. Tongue tangling and teasing at Jayne’s, tasting the merc and committing every thought and feeling to memory, knowing that once on the job, being professional, any kind of intimacy would be long in coming.

When he finally broke the kiss, nipping at Jayne’s lower lip, Simon added, "Sounds like a plan to me."

"Good." Jayne grinned, relinquishing his hold on Simon so that he could go about his task. He'd learned not to bother asking if he could help- the one time he did he'd ended up getting frustrated and breaking several bottles of something that he still couldn't remember the name of. But his just being here did seem to have a calming effect on Simon, not to mention it kept him from getting so wrapped up in what he was doing that he forgot to do things like eat or sleep, so Jayne hopped up onto one of the beds, watching Simon shuffle around as he gathered and sorted, wincing inwardly with every step that he took, his limp still bad enough to be visible.

Jayne shook his head angrily. Much as they needed this job, it wasn't fair for Mal to be asking this of Simon when what he really needed was rest. Simon would disagree, though, so he kept his mouth shut, not wanting to start an argument when they'd seen far too many of those for either of their liking.

Carefully separating what they had from what they could spare, Simon wished he’d thought to keep more things after their heist on Ariel. The money they’d gotten for it was good, but given the situation, not only could his friends potentially need something he didn’t have, but the victims could certainly use it. Alliance are a bunch of hun dans for not helping these people. Simon couldn’t help the thought, couldn’t help musing briefly on how his opinion of them had so changed. Much as the crew-member in him was glad for the job, the doctor in him wished it didn’t have to be that way.

I can only do so much.

But Simon planned to do as much as he could, whilst he could. Badger might be paying well, but he’d be getting his money’s worth, from all of them. "I wish we could spare more." Simon glanced at Jayne, snapping shut his red medical bag which had seen them through some difficult times. "But I can’t take the chance. Selfish, I know." But family came first and on Serenity, that’s what Simon believed them to be. Besides, he’d included most of their morphine and pain relief, some of which Simon felt half-inclined to be using himself. Would be using, if things weren’t so low.

"Should we go and stock you up now too?" Simon grinned at Jayne, wondering how much of an armory his lover would be bringing with him.

"I think that definitely sounds like a good idea. Cap'n'll proably tell me ta leave half of it back here on the ship, 'specially since we're s'posta be helpin' folk, not hurtin' 'em, but considerin' how it's Badger we got the job from, I say better safe than sorry." Stepping back over to Simon, he slid his arm around the doctor's shoulders, as he'd become so accustomed to doing over the past days. It had gotten to be such a habit that even when Simon did heal up completely, Jayne would probably still be moving to help him, to offer him physical support. Simon wasn't terribly pleased with needing it, but Jayne had insisted, reminding him of the fact that any excuse for physical contact should be capitalized on while they had the chance, since Mal shot them dirty looks every time they touched in public, and Wash went into (ostensibly) fake gagging fits at the mere sight of them. Chuckling to himself at the memory of the last one (the pilot had fallen to the ground and gone into convulsions- Jayne stepped over him and kept right on walking), Jayne turned and led them off back to his bunk. It had been a while since he'd sorted his grenades anyway. He really hoped Mal would let him bring the grenades.

"I agree." Simon tossed him a grin. "And I’m sure we can think of a few cunning ways to conceal them that the Captain needn’t worry about. Just no taping guns to your belly this time." He remembered the last time Jayne had tried concealing weaponry on himself, only to have Mal make him remove it, and consequently a good amount of hair and skin.

Though he didn’t say it, and often hated the reminder he was still, in his eyes, weak, Simon was grateful for Jayne’s support, leaning a little against his lover as they made their way to his bunk. The medical case was cradled against him, Simon carrying no weaponry of his own, given his shooting skills.

Jayne nodded, already trying to formulate new and clever ways to conceal as much weaponry as possible. "You should bring along Bonnie 'n Kate, just in case. I know you still ain't much of a good shot, but anythin's better'n nothin'." Ignoring the doctor's mild protest, he shouldered the bag that Simon had been carrying, opened the door to his bunk and climbed down the ladder, always going first just in case Simon were to have any trouble. He knew how much Simon hated being perceived as weak, but part of him took a guilty thrill in playing the role of caretaker and protector.

Not that he looked into it too carefully- Jayne always preferred to be ignorant when it came to his motivations (most of them anyway)- but he had a deep need to be needed, and being able to be Simon's support while he healed did wonders for him. As much as he genuinely hoped for Simon's full recovery, for Simon's sake as much as the sake of their adventurous sex life, part of him would be a little sad when it happened, terrible and selfish though it was.

Simon thought about protesting, thought about voicing how much he hated having to be armed, especially when he was going to help people, but he thought better of it. He’d come to realize that, given their jobs, given the life they led, sometimes being armed was a necessity. It didn’t guarantee Simon would have to use the weapon, but if it came down to it, he could shoot to kill. He’d more than likely shoot to just damn hurt, but that was beside the point. Also since they had been a present from Jayne, which Simon had appreciated and been more than pleased with, knowing his lover found him competent enough not to put a hole in Serenity or one of her crew by mistake. He’d cleaned the guns meticulously after every practice and stored them in their case.

"Thank you." Simon wasn’t going to hide how difficult he’d have found juggling a case and ladder, though he certainly wasn’t going to voice his discomfort either as he made his way into the bunk. He didn’t have to, he knew that, and was more than thankful for a steadying hand from Jayne at the end. He was too stubborn to stay up top though, as both of them had quickly found out.

"If we stop by my bunk on the way out, I’ll grab them both." He tended to keep one close to his heart, (like Jayne) the other close to his ankle (occasionally like Jayne). "So what are you planning on taking? What can we get away with, that Mal won’t veto?"

"We c'n hit up your bunk 'fore we leave tomorrow. Far as what I think Mal'll let me bring, Binky and Boo 'a course, they come with me everywhere, and maybe some'a the medium size pistols. Vera might be a bit much in the way 'a firepower fer somethin' like this, big an' intimidatin' as she is. Think we could put some grenades inta that bag? Nah, might not be a good idea, could accidentally pull a pin while reachin' around fer somethin' else..." Jayne was talking to himself as much as he was to Simon, the way he always got when weapons were involved.

Shuffling around the room, he picked a few of his usual guns down off of the wall, rifled through some boxes of ammo, selected a handful of grenades that he thought he may be able to find a way to hide on his person, and laid everything out on top of his dresser for strapping on tomorrow. "There, that should just about do it."

Simon kept quiet, just watching his lover, listening to him speak as Jayne ran his fingers over and caressed the weapons. Once it had made Simon uncomfortable to see the passion his lover had for such armaments, had made unease set in at just how much Jayne revered them until they almost became rivals for Simon himself. But those times were long past, and now Simon enjoyed watching Jayne look them over, loved the way Jayne’s eyes lit up, face animated and pleasure in his expression as he talked about them. Not to mention the intense, focused look Jayne had on his face now, as he did whenever he chose what he wanted. It made Simon half-hard hearing Jayne’s husky tones as he watched the thoughtful expression come over his face.

"I can’t wait to see where you hide them on your person." A touch of amusement and pride to his voice, Simon looked over the collection, moving over to Jayne’s bed and sitting down, relief showing briefly on his face. "Taking your knife too?"
"Of course. Binky comes with me everywhere, you should know that by now. Had that knife with me longer'n I can remember. Love her more'n Vera, if I had ta choose between the two. Love her more'n anything else in the world," except that that was no longer true, and unthinkingly Jayne went on to say, "'cept 'a course fer..."

That was exactly where he started actually listening to what he was saying, his words grinding to a halt as awareness took over. There was a horrifying moment as he realized what he'd almost said so easily, an even more horrifying moment when he realized that it was true, and then the most horrifying moment of all when he noticed Simon looking at him, his expression carefully schooled to blank in that way that meant he was trying desperately to hide some emotion that didn't want Jayne to see. Like he was waiting for Jayne to finish that thought.

He just couldn't. He wanted to, he really did. Simon hadn't said it yet, but he didn't have to say it for Jayne to know. Jayne may be slow, but he's not stupid, and Simon's not exactly subtle. He wanted to be able to say it for Simon more than he wanted anything, short of Simon himself, but he just wasn't ready for that. Didn't know if he ever would be. Clearing his throat awkwardly and wishing this moment would end, Jayne went back to what he'd been doing, arranging his guns in order of size and putting the ammo boxes out alongside them.

"I ever tell you how I got that knife? It's an interestin' story..."

Wode tìan, Simon stared at Jayne, carefully fighting to keep his expression neutral though a brief, betraying desperation flared in his eyes. He wanted more than anything, his body and soul ached more than anything, for Jayne to finish that sentence. To confirm or deny the question that now assaulted Simon’s mind, refusing to let go. But then a look of horror came over Jayne’s face, one that, were it any other statement he’d been about to say, Simon would have laughed at. But it was the one thing he wanted to hear, and obviously, soul-shatteringly obviously at that, the one thing that horrified Jayne. The one thing his lover didn’t want to say.

Not yet. Maybe not ever. Simon tried to push back that disappointing thought, struggling hard to keep his expression calm and controlled. It worked for the most part, as did looking away for a moment as Jayne turned back to his things. Simon knew with every fiber of his being that he shouldn’t force and shouldn’t want and shouldn’t say but he couldn’t help himself, couldn’t ignore the growing tension.

"It’s alright if you don’t feel it Jayne." It wasn’t, but Simon kept that to himself, keeping his voice steady and calm, a slight smile to his lips though his heart hurt and stomached clenched. "Doesn’t stop me loving you, though."

God fucking damn it. Jayne didn't have to turn around to see the look of hurt that would not-quite be on Simon's face; he'd put it there enough times to know it by heart. He'd hoped, apparently foolishly, that Simon would understand, understand that there were just some things he couldn't say. Some things he never thought he wanted to hear, until he did, just then, and it was just as scary as he'd thought it would be but he wanted it, scary and earth-shattering as it was.

He was in front of Simon before he was really conscious that he was moving, taking the young doctor's face in his hands. "I can't," he heard himself saying, "I can't say it, but that don't mean..." he fought with himself for a moment, "...that don't mean I don't... " Jayne growled, nearly beside himself with frustration at his inability to put into words just what, exactly, he did mean. So he did the only thing he did know how to do. "Don't mean I can't show you." Leaning forward, he pressed his lips tenderly to Simon's, putting into it everything that he couldn't find the words to say.

He wasn’t going to say it, that Simon had expected, but as uncertainty and indecision crossed Jayne’s face, frustration making an appearance a moment later, a small, almost shy smile stole across Jayne’s face. Jayne didn’t need to say the words to reciprocate. And Jayne was proving just that, growling out that small confession which undoubtedly caused more emotional upheaval than anything else, making Simon’s smile flicker, his hands coming to rest on Jayne’s hips as the merc pressed soft lips to his.

Di yu, but Jayne didn’t need to say it, didn’t need to speak the words when he kissed like that, throwing every emotion, every promise into the kiss without even needing to deepen it. Simon’s eyes were still on Jayne, closing as he kissed back, hand cupping Jayne’s hip, not letting his lover go anywhere.

Jayne just held Simon like that, fingers curling under his jaw, kissing those perfect lips as lightly and softly as he never thought he knew how, unwilling and unable to stop, not ready to move forward to something else, not when this was so indescribably warm and intense and electrifying. I do, you know, he was saying, even if I can't tell you yet. Simon shouldn't have to settle for that, he deserved so much better, but for now this was all he had to offer, and he gave it more than willingly, would continue to give as much as he could, in everything he did, until he could learn to do better.

Fingers stroking at Jayne’s kiss, head tilted as Jayne kissed him ever so gently, every caress to his lips having meaning and saying what Jayne couldn’t give voice to. Saying what Simon hoped to hear one day, saying what Simon wished they were and hoped weren’t a product of his own overactive, ever-hopeful imagination. Barely parting his lips, kissing back though not pulling Jayne forward, Simon let him lead the kiss. Let Jayne speak volumes without saying a word.

"I'm sorry," Jayne murmured against Simon's lips. Oh how he hated words- they never came when he wanted them to, and when he didn't, they never seemed to stop- "I'm sorry I can't say it, but I do, Simon, I do," and even that was harder to say than it should have been, after all that had happened between them, everything they'd put each other through. His fingers slid back into Simon's hair, all black silk that he never tired of the feel of, still unable to move from where he was or take a step forward with the kiss, lips brushing almost tentatively against Simon's invitingly parted ones.

I do. That was more than Simon hoped for, and meant more than any half-muttered ‘me too’ or flowery declaration would have done. His lips were parted, hand pulling Jayne in that little bit closer, eyes opening to look at his lover, answering without needing to say a word. I know, and it’s all right.

Lips kissing back just as gently, hand still gently nudging Jayne forward, needing to feel Jayne against him. Needing to make the meaning more real and solid, just as Jayne was already starting to by kissing, burning them into Simon’s mind, making Simon glad he’d held off ever saying those words before. Making Simon lean into the kiss, closing his eyes and deepening it as it suddenly hit him that he’d never wanted to say those words before, never felt anything as strong as what he felt for Jayne.

Simon's hands urging him closer, Simon's tongue slipping gently between his lips, letting him know that it was okay, that he understood, and Jayne stepped forward, pressing against Simon as his hands slid down the man's back, arms wrapping possessively around him and holding him close, where he belonged. Because suddenly he couldn't be close enough to Simon, nearly clung to him with the relief that it was all right, that he hadn't messed things up again, that the inevitable had happened and it wasn't so bad. He kissed Simon that much harder, wanting to feel connected to him in every way possible, just to make sure that this was all still real, not imagined or fleeting or anything other than what it was, which was what he needed.

For a brief paranoid second, Simon had expected Jayne to pull away, to bluster excuses and move back to his weaponry. It was a stupid thought, and one that was unlikely and hadn’t happened, yet the brief, unsettling feeling remaining. At least until Jayne moved closer, arms surrounding Simon, pulling him in closer so they were almost chest to chest. Then the kiss deepened, passion and need and desperation making it all the more real and wanted and Simon was spreading his legs, unconsciously urging Jayne on, encouraging him all the closer so the distance between them lessened and they could intimately reassure each other.

Jayne slipped a knee between Simon's legs and tightened his arms, nearly pulling the smaller man on top of him, though they were both still standing. The kiss grew more fierce as need increased, teeth clashing together, desire taking over from sense. Not that Jayne ever had much sense to begin with, but Simon tended to drive away what little he had, leaving him with nothing but instinct. Instinct that was telling him that he needed Simon, now, needed to get rid of the clothes that were separating them and be as close to the man as possible, however possible. He slipped his hands down the back of Simon's pants, gathering up his shirt and pulling it loose, debating how best to get it off over his head without losing any more contact than necessary.

Sensing Jayne’s brief uncertainty, Simon pulled back from the kiss, fingers making quick work of the top buttons before he pulled the shirt over his head. Much as he didn’t mind Jayne ripping shirts from him, Simon wasn’t going to waste the time it took for that let alone the loss of contact. Hands grasping at Jayne’s shirt, Simon pulled him close again, bare flesh against the warm fabric, feeling Jayne’s body heat through it as he reclaimed his lover’s lips in a leisurely kiss. Hands roaming Jayne’s back, slipping under his T-shirt to cling to him as they kissed, wanting Jayne to claim him as possessively as his tone had meaning to.

Now that Simon's shirt at least was out of the way, Jayne's hands wandered back down his pants again, gripping his ass and pulling him roughly forward, crushing their hips together as he nipped at Simon's lips, tired of soft and sweet and itching for something more raw, more unrestrained, because nothing about his relationship with Simon said restraint. He was growling into the kiss now, pressing his tongue impatiently past Simon's lips to claim that hot, welcoming mouth, driven on by the strong hands clutching at his back.

Shivering as Jayne pulled him close, kisses becoming deeper as Jayne’s mouth claimed his, tongue demanding as it tangled with Simon’s, making the doctor’s hands clutch more tightly, his mouth kiss back more fervently. They needed this, both of them, physically and emotionally and most definitely physically, Simon’s groan muffled as Jayne pressed more tightly against him, crotch to crotch. Tongue as eager and enthusiastic as the length which thrust against Jayne’s, Simon was pulling at Jayne’s pants now, trying to work fingers into the tight gap between them and unclothe his lover, not wanting the fabric between them, not wanting anything between them.

Jayne's hands were echoing the movements of Simon's own, sacrificing their momentary closeness in favor of ridding them of the clothes that were separating them. It was difficult work, distracted as he was by Simon's mouth sliding against his, Simon's hands working his pants undone, but he managed it, working on the closure of Simon's pants and pushing them down his hips as low as he could easily reach. He'd meant to get them both unclothed and to bed, but the moment Simon's cock sprang free from it's confinement Jayne's hand was wrapped around it, entirely without his permission but he couldn't bring himself to complain, not when the weight of it against his palm felt so good, and he stroked it hard but slow, tearing his lips away from Simon's to attach them instead to the side of his neck, deciding at the spur of the moment to leave a mark there since they were no longer keeping this secret.

A groan coming to his lips as Jayne’s hand closed around him, stroking and caressing but holding Simon in place, the doctor unable and unwilling to move as Jayne’s mouth closed over his neck, tongue teasing for a brief moment before he sucked at the flesh. The Simon was moving, trying not to and half-held in place, his hands were grasping more insistently at Jayne’s pants, pulling them passed his hips, hands slipping in to grasp Jayne’s buttocks and squeeze.

Jayne’s tongue and teeth and, tian a, the man was all but branding him, claiming and showing and Simon was panting now, thrusting into Jayne’s hand, eagerly tilting his head, wanting and accepting, needing Jayne to mark him.

Jayne sucked harder on Simon's neck, taking the fragile skin between his teeth and running his tongue over it, ensuring a spectacularly purple bruise by the time he was done and finally let it go. "We need ta do somethin' about these clothes," he growled, lips brushing against the skin he just marked as he spoke. He relinquished his grip on Simon, gathering the hem of his shirt instead and lifting it off over his shoulders and tossing it carelessly out of the way.

And it seemed that for all of their practice they were still really bad at this, because now that that obstacle was out of the way he was pulling Simon against him again, needing to feel that smooth, bare chest pressed against his own, lips closing over the other side of the man's neck, more gently, since he figured that one large, obvious hickey was enough. Any more than that and Mal was likely to give Jayne extra chores just to be ornery.

"Clothes, hmm?" Simon shivered, pressed up against Jayne, hands slipping back into his pants and working their way back around. The onslaught of attention on his neck was enough to make him whimper, especially when Jayne’s bite throbbed so deliciously, reminding Simon and spurring him in his attempts to unbutton Jayne’s fly. Patience was a virtue, but Simon had never considered himself virtuous, and was in fact hoping to embrace at least three of the seven sins before they got to Badger's cousin's planet.

Fingers slipping between Jayne’s pants, teasing over his erection, Simon gasped as Jayne’s tongue teased at his sensitive skin, his thumb tracing over the head of Jayne’s cock in response.

Jayne's hips jerked forward at that teasing touch, and he bit down harder on Simon's neck involuntarily, growling, hands tightening on Simon's waist. He got lost in it for a moment, the feel of Simon pressed so tightly against him, those smooth fingers playing over his skin, before the need for more overtook him again and pushed Simon away a bit, panting. "Gorram it Simon, no more teasin', I want those clothes gone, now." Even as he spoke he was kicking off his boots, working his pants down and showing them the same treatment until he was finally rid of every last scrap of his bothersome attire. Once that was accomplished he made his way over to the bed, pushing the pile of stuff that had accumulated there carelessly on the floor and flopping down on it, waiting for Simon to join him.

Startled for a moment, by Jayne’s growl and the intense arousal that flooded through him at that command, Simon just stared for a moment as his lover rid himself of the encumbering fabric and fell to the bed; tempting and inviting as Jayne was looking, every inch of skin needing to be ravished, Simon put off the acts for a moment as he hurriedly stripped himself, fingers barely stumbling despite their haste. Cock twitching the moment his pants were around his ankles, Simon didn’t so much walk the few steps to the bed as leap, hands caressing and mouth closing over Jayne’s as he sprawled next to him.

Jayne's eyes roamed over Simon's body as he stripped, taking in every inch of pale skin as it was revealed to him, nearly drooling with the anticipation of running over it with hands and lips and tongue, anywhere and everywhere, because Simon just tasted so damned good. As soon as the man was within reach Jayne wrapped his arms around him, pulling him down on top of him as warm lips closed over his, twining his legs through Simon's, seeking out every inch of contact he could manage. His fingers slid up into Simon's hair, tilting his head to the side to gain better access to his mouth, tongue searching out every flavor, teasing over Simon's own, moaning because he just couldn't help himself.

Jayne’s eyes had just about devoured him as his lips were doing now, Simon’s tongue and lips wrestling eagerly with Jayne’s, responding to the intimacy as one arm moved around Jayne’s neck, pulling his lover closer and resisting any chance of pulling back. At least for now. This was as assertive as Simon was willing to get, enthusiastically kissing back, muffling their mutual appreciative noises, letting Jayne take the lead and take control. Willing to do pretty much anything with Jayne involved, especially if Jayne used such huskily growled out commands.

Jayne rolled them over so that he was on top, pressing Simon down into the bed and kissing him hard, grazing his teeth over Simon's lower lip as he pulled back to purr, "I think it's your turn ta tell me what you want." He remembered only too well their little tryst in the infirmary, Simon's eyes on him as his hands roamed over his own body and his imagination (and not to mention his mouth) had run away with him. Yeah, it was definitely Simon's turn to be in that position. The man had an incredible voice, and Jayne was looking very much forward to hearing some choice dirty words being spoken in it. "Tell me," he purred again, brushing his lips along the hollow of Simon's throat.

Tzao goa, Jayne was really going to make him do it wasn’t he? Going to make Simon give voice to the desires and needs he could barely keep straight in his mind, and all the while enticing him all the more by kissing and tasting. Simon groaned low in his voice, sound almost becoming a growl, unsure where to start, just wanting Jayne’s lips, Jayne’s tongue, every essence of the man on him. Inside him, around him.

"I want-" Simon bit back a groan closing his eyes briefly as he shifted position, his swollen length rubbing against Jayne’s. "You to touch me, to kiss me; ta ma de, to feel your lips all over me."

Not terribly graphic yet, but it was more than enough, and just Simon saying that he wanted Jayne, especially in that lust-roughened voice was enough to send a shiver of arousal down his spine, to have him rushing to acquiesce to that sexily growled request. Resting on one arm, his other hand splayed over Simon's side, fingers running along the hollows between ribs, brushing over porcelain skin as his lips traced the line of a collar bone, pausing to nip occasionally, a sharp contrast to his gentle touches. Tian a, he could do this for hours, go over every inch of Simon, searching out the little moans and gasps hidden there for him to find.

This was more than teasing, torturously light touches, brief kisses and nips all making sensation dance on Simon’s skin. Making heat swell in his belly and a shameful moan come to his lips and Jayne was barely touching him, yet somehow it was arousing Simon more than if his mouth was all over him. "You’re driving me out of my mind," Simon hissed the statement out, a groan barely bitten off as Jayne’s fingers lightly ghosted over his chest, making his body lift slightly, wanting more of a touch even as Jayne denied it.

"Use your tongue, please Jayne, and your teeth." Oh God those teeth, Simon wanted them, needed them. "Kiss down my neck." He gathered his thoughts, guessing Jayne wouldn’t go much further without more description. "Use your tongue, swirl it over where you marked me." His cheeks flushed, a small smile on his lips at that. “Use your tongue where your fingers are now, and teeth," he added hurriedly, "Ai ya Jayne, please use your teeth."

Jayne pressed his lips back to Simon's neck right below his ear, trailing slow, wet kisses down it, running his tongue over the reddening bruise blossoming about half-way down, then grazing his teeth the rest of the way back to his collar bone. And since Simon was making such pretty noises, Jayne decided to give him a little bit more, tracing over the smooth contours with his tongue this time, pausing to dip into the hollow between them, tasting a hint of salt from the sweat that had gathered there, only enhancing the addictive flavor of Simon that he couldn't quite think of a way to describe. As he worked his mouth slowly over the areas Simon had guided him to, he brought one hand to rest at Simon's hip, drawing it lazily up his side, unhurried enough that he was barely moving at all, taking the time to savor the feel of soft skin under his rough fingers.

Sucking his bottom lip into his mouth, stifling the groan that came to his lips as Jayne’s tongue dashed over him, leaving shivers and tingles in its wake, Simon closed his eyes for a brief moment, enjoying the attention. Needing Jayne on him, wanting all he could give and then some, his mind whirling, trying to focus on more instruction, to talk as Jayne had so silkily asked for; even though the thought brought a blush to his cheeks, it also made heat rush through him and his cock throb. "D-definitely good." Simon hissed in a gasp as Jayne’s teeth nipped at him, sending a shudder through his body. "Lower, please Jayne?"

"Only if you stop holdin' back those noises," Jayne grumbled against Simon's chest, teeth grazing over the curve of a pectoral muscle. The other responses were just as good, just as intoxicating, the way Simon's hips twitched and his back arched towards Jayne's mouth, the way his skin somehow managed to flush with heat even as it broke out in goose bumps at his touch. But he was greedy, he wanted everything, no reservations, not here. Not when every gasp made his skin tingle, when a lowly murmured 'please' made his cock twitch and his chest tighten, kept him caught between the desire to keep doing just what he was and the desire to crush Simon against him, kiss him and take him hard, lose them both in the sensations of their bodies being joined at every possible point until that was the only thing left.

But that could wait. What he was doing now was just as gratifying, if not more so, because he could concentrate on Simon alone this way, take in everything about him without his own responses getting in the way.

A low hiss escaped Simon’s lips, lips curving in a pout moments before Jayne’s teeth grazed him, drawing another groan that he managed not to stifle. It brought a blush to his cheeks, being so wanton and noisy, not holding back. He never thought on it when they were both groaning, both overcome with emotion and sensation and need, so wrapped up in themselves they paid no heed to decorum. There was something freeing in it too though, something that sent a shiver through Simon as his eyes half opened fixing on Jayne, lazy smile replacing the pout. "I’ll behave, I promise Jayne."

"Good." Jayne debated for a moment the idea of adding something about him punishing Simon for disobedience. Fun as that could be, though, that was a game for another time. Now was for something a little bit different, now was for seeing just how far he could push Simon, see if he could get past the layers of propriety and drive the usually-reserved doctor far enough out of his mind that he stopped being able to be embarrassed by his reactions, just gave into them thoroughly, gave them a voice that there would be no need to be ashamed of, not when it was sure to be so unbelievably sexy, just like everything else about Simon was.

Simon blushed at the finality in Jayne’s voice, eyes locked to his lover as he twitched his hips very slightly, groaning for a very different reason at the gleam in his lover’s eyes. He wasn’t sure he could do the ‘talking’ that Jayne was after, especially given that the mere idea of getting too graphic was making him blush. Added to it this was the first time he’d had a long-term lover to experiment with, and that the novels he tended to favor didn’t have much of it. Mostly graphic, but Simon was afraid anything his memory could dredge up would come across trashy, or worse, far too sappy.

So he settled for using his mind, closing his eyes and speaking honestly despite the blush on his cheeks. "I want you to move lower Jayne, but not near my…my jiba, not yet, nowhere near there in fact. I-" He paused, heat suffusing through him as a memory surfaced, heat for a very different reason. Voice becoming husky as he continued, "I love it when you use your tongue and mouth, when you grate with your teeth and bite me just where it feels the best."

They'd done this enough that Jayne had a good idea of where Simon liked best to be kissed, the spots that made him jerk and gasp. But just for the sake of being difficult, he avoided those areas at first, still taking his time, going over nearly every inch of Simon with his mouth, not following any particular pattern of movement so that when he did make his way to Simon's hot spots, he was never expecting it. His hand continued its languorous journey across the planes of Simon's chest, and he could feel Simon all but vibrating with anticipation underneath him. It left him feeling dizzy with a combination of lust and smugness and that other thing that he still refused to label, even when thinking only to himself. It was getting harder to remember why, though, with his head foggy and his body alive, every nerve focused on Simon. His Simon.

Jayne was teasing now, every kiss and caress falling the tiniest bit short of where Simon wanted it to be. Each sensation still delicious, but not divine. At least for a moment, then Jayne was moving all over him, surprising him with direction and play, never remaining long enough in one place to have Simon writhing, but teasing his body for just the right amount of time to get him gasping.

Jayne’s hand caressing him as his mouth nipped and teased Simon, sending shivers from each area right through his body straight to his cock, clenching his buttocks wanting more and needing more and letting out a half-strangled cry as Jayne’s teeth nipped at him, making his cock throb and Simon’s hips thrust instinctively towards Jayne.

"Please…Jayne, more-" Simon groaned as tongue and teeth sought to drive him half crazy. "All of me Jayne, please."

That was more like it, just what he'd wanted, Simon losing his carefully set composure and giving in to the pleasures that his body could bring him. That Jayne could bring him, and there went his ego again; probably should've disturbed him just how much he got off on being able to drive Simon to this, but it felt too good for him to care. He brought his hand to trace up the inside of Simon's thigh as his mouth worked lower, playing over the dip to the inside of a hip bone. All of Simon, offered up to him, begged of him, and he couldn't have resisted that even if he'd wanted to. Settling more firmly between Simon's knees, he slipped his hands under Simon's hips and urged him up. "Turn over for me."

Simon almost whimpered at the loss of Jayne’s mouth, clamping his lips together even as he stared down at Jayne, confusion replacing the arousal that clouded his mind briefly. Then his eyes were widening, small smile playing over his lips as his tongue ran over them and Jayne’s hands nudged at his hips. Rolling over a second later, not holding back despite no longer being able to see Jayne’s face, guess his lover’s next move. Not that he had been able to before; Jayne had successfully kept Simon wriggling, never knowing where each bite and caress would land, never once giving him time to settle into the sensations.

Slight tremble of anticipation running through him, Simon propped himself up on one elbow, glancing over his shoulder at Jayne, just waiting.

Jayne sat back for a moment, just taking in the sight of Simon, eyes sliding over the whole new area he had to play with. He set his hands on the small of Simon's back, running them unhurriedly up to his shoulders, closing his eyes briefly to concentrate on the feel of lean, hard muscles sliding under soft skin. That particular slow journey complete, he brought his hands to rest on the bed and stretched out over Simon, hovering just above him, depriving them both of the full-body contact that they both wanted so badly, another thing that there'd be plenty of time for later. Instead he just took a deep breath, inhaling the clean scent of Simon's hair before brushing his lips across the back of Simon's neck. Kisses, licks, and bites, he worked his way down Simon's back the way he had down Simon's front, drawing out every moan and hitch of breath that he could find.

Simon tensed for a moment before his body relaxed, enjoying the touch, the brief massage that Jayne had to offer and was over far too soon for Simon’s liking. Then his lover was no longer touching him, no longer between his legs or spooned against him, leaving Simon to shiver, skin prickling at the loss on contact. The anticipation was short-lived, which Simon much appreciated, as Jayne descended on him, kissing, licking and biting. Every spot seeming to mirror that which he gave to Simon’s front but feeling so much better, so much more intense and heat flowed down Simon’s spine, making him grip at the bedclothes, arms tensing, unashamed groans spilling from his lips.

Jayne made his way slowly down Simon's back, tongue tracing over ribs, running down his spine, tasting every inch of beautiful skin, echoing Simon's little noises of pleasure. When he got down to the base of his spine he stopped, trailing his hands down over the path his tongue had recently made, coming to rest on the twin curves of Simon's buttocks. He'd never done before what he was about to do now, never would've thought he'd want to, but he'd done other things with Simon that he never thought he'd want to do and now he couldn't imagine how he'd gone without them. Besides, anything that could draw more of those moans from his lover's throat would be more than worth it. Without another moment's hesitation he leaned forward, running his tongue up the underside of Simon's balls, over the expanse of skin behind them, and finally sweeping it gently over the entrance to Simon's body.

Simon was waiting for Jayne’s tongue to dash back up his spine and nip at his neck, expecting the hesitation, but not the action that came next. Gasping as nerves tingled and his body tensed, surprised and suddenly more aroused (if it were possible) than before, as Jayne ran his tongue over the sensitive skin at the back of Simon’s balls. Simon’s fingers caught at the bed clothes as a second gasp was pulled from his lips, turning into a pleased, soft moan.

This was more than unexpected and so much more arousing for being so, something that Simon wanted and needed but had been loathe to actually ask for. And this was so much better than asking, been caught off guard, closing his eyes, lips parting slightly as a flush overtook him, concentrating only on Jayne and Jayne’s wandering tongue.

If only he could see Simon's face right now, because if the noises he was making were any indication, it must look fucking incredible. Maybe if he had some extra cash one of these days, he'd pick up a mirror to put at the head of the bed. Jayne gripped Simon more tightly, laying a broad, flat lick over the sensitive skin exposed to him, then pulling back a bit, using light flicks of tongue, trying to judge from Simon's responses what he liked best. He needed another hand, but since he didn't have one he paused for a moment, nipping at one of Simon's buttocks and murmuring, voice husky, "Touch yerself," before going back to what he was doing, not waiting for a response.

Inhaling deeply, fingers clutching that little bit tighter as Jayne’s tongue moved over him, Simon almost chocked on his own gasp at the sudden light, teasing licks, caught off guard as a tremble started in his lower body. The nip caught him by surprise, Simon clenching his buttocks as he started, heat swirling in his belly as he longed, needed Jayne to carry on what he was doing. Ma de, is the man insane? Simon knew if he started touching himself now his control would be sorely tested, much as he wanted to do so, much as his cock was straining towards the bed covers, needing the friction.

But even as he thought about it, Simon’s hand was moving towards his own cock, gripping the shaft for a moment, testing to see if his control could be salvaged moments before he lazily stroked himself. Ai ya! Simon shuddered, and Jayne was already starting again, teasing him with that wicked tongue, making Simon’s nerve endings sing and tingle, Jayne’s name coming to his lips in low groans as he trembled.

How his name sounded so damn good on those lips, Jayne had no idea, but he wanted to hear it again and again, over and over, as many times as possible. He drove his tongue deeper, coaxing the muscle open and pressing inside, feeling Simon shift his weight in order to reach back and wrap his hand around his cock. Something else Jayne wished he had a better view of. Drawing back a bit, tongue swirling around with slow, deliberate licks, then slipping in again, seeking out more of those moans, more of his name broken in that low, quavering voice, his cock twitching at every little sound, reminding him insistently that it was being ignored, something that it considered a great injustice. He ignored it as best he could, determined not to give in and fuck Simon until he was begged for it. Or until Simon's control broke and he spilled his release over his hand. Whichever happened first, Jayne wasn't really particular.

Jayne was going to be the death of him, but a mighty fine and worthwhile death Simon considered it would be. Hands curling and clenching at the sheets, heat rushing through him as Jayne lavished the most sensitive part of his body. Never once keeping up a steady pace, chopping and changing, bombarding Simon will more and more sensation, a strangled whimper coming from Simon’s throat turning into a soft chanted mantra of "Jayne" and “please" and various curses which came to mind.

Stropping the stroking of his own cock, not wanting to be close to coming, to be pleasured and released so quickly, Simon kept a grip on the base of his cock, pushing back on Jayne’s tongue, needing more, greedy for more.

A shiver ran through Jayne at the pleading note in Simon's voice and he redoubled his efforts, driving his tongue deeper, switching his hands so that he could free one of them, slipping a finger into his mouth to wet it and pressing it gently into Simon, tongue working alongside it. His resolve was starting to weaken, with Simon whimpering and pressing back against him, it was getting that much harder to stop himself from just replacing tongue with cock and pressing into Simon with one smooth motion, that much harder to remember why he wasn't doing just that. But for that he would have to stop long enough to find the lube, and stopping was the last thing he wanted to do at the moment, so he kept going, letting Simon's voice overwhelm him, letting it chase away the awareness of his own body to concentrate fully on Simon instead.

Simon couldn’t form the coherent thoughts, let alone words, to explain what he needed, to tell Jayne exactly what his groans were trying to. But then Jayne was pressing a finger inside him, almost tentatively, and Simon was pushing back on it eagerly, closing his eyes as the finger nudged at the gland inside him, nerve endings heating as his belly tingles and muscles clamped around that finger, encouraging and wanting more. Hands clenching now, toes curling inwards as Jayne’s name became an incomprehensible babble and Simon clamped his fingers around the base of his cock to halt the pulsing he felt there, the heat he felt gathering threatening to override his body and senses.

The teasing was almost too much; a torturous onslaught of sensation, the arousal and desire it generated almost pushing Simon over the edge, sweeping him up in his own pleasure. But he wanted Jayne, not more, but Jayne. Jayne inside him, not just the finger. Jayne’s body against his back, lips on his own as his lover pounded into him. To be taken and claimed more than he was even now. Fingers gripping, pulling at bedclothes, Simon felt coolness nudge against them and his eyes opened, placing the bottle which would serve well enough as both lubricant and a more than an open invitation. Removing his hand from his all too needy cock, Simon fumbled with the bottle, grasping it and offering it blindly behind him, between his legs.

Jayne almost didn't notice Simon fumbling around the sheets, absorbed as he was in what he was doing, but then he felt the cool press of a bottle against his arm and moaned in relief, withdrawing his finger and taking the bottle eagerly. Flicking the cap open, he poured the slick liquid hurriedly into one hand and wrapped it around his cock, biting his lip at the sudden rush of pleasure that even an action that simple caused after he'd been denying himself for so long. He took a slow, deep breath, trying to regain at least some semblance of composure before shifting closer and lining himself up. Reaching down, he laid his clean hand almost gently on Simon's back, running it up along his spine to tangle into his silky hair as he nudged his hips forward, pressing slowly into that welcoming heat, moans already building in his throat.

The loss of contact brought a grumble to Simon’s chest, his body twitching at the absence of heat and sensation, but the feeling was short-lived as Jayne’s fingers ghosted up his spine and curled in his hair moments later. Possessively holding him or just wanting to touch, Simon shivered, leaning into the touch, uncaring, just enjoying the feeling, as Jayne eased into him. The slow burn was a welcome one as Simon pushed back, inhaling deeply as he forced his body to relax against the welcoming intrusion, fingers groping for Jayne and gripping at his hip as he slid in deeper.

Jayne let out an embarrassingly needy moan at the feel of Simon's fingers curling around his hip, grateful for any extra contact they could manage. He nudged forward as slowly as he could, drawing out the initial pleasure, tilting Simon's head to the side once he was fully settled and leaning forward to claim a kiss from those moist, parted lips, slipping his tongue between them and swallowing the little pleased noises that Simon made. His other hand slid around Simon's waist, over his chest, stroking over the smooth skin, content for the moment to kiss and touch and not start moving just yet.

Unwilling to break the kiss and contact between them, Simon shivered as Jayne’s hand caressed him, the action more intimate than it would suggest. Lips parting, eagerly responding to the kiss, Simon’s eyes closed as he savored the taste of Jayne, the feel of Jayne inside him and surrounding him all at once, his senses overwhelmed by his lover and nothing else. His hand was gripping at Jayne’s hip, not wanting to let go, just holding and claiming and keeping the contact for as long as he possibly could. Tongue tangling with Jayne’s, absorbing his lover’s moans and muffling his own, Simon didn’t move, though his body wanted it. Instead he clenched his buttocks, squeezing muscles hard around Jayne as his hands held him in place.

Ai ya, Simon was clenching around him and that was it, Jayne had to move, couldn't wait for it any longer. Reluctantly breaking from the kiss, he drew back, hands settling at Simon's hips, gripping tightly as he pressed back forward again with a quiet moan. "Fuck, Simon, you feel so incredible, look so gorram good, oh god..." He was talking without thinking, expletives and praises falling from his lips of their own accord, unable to hold them back with Simon rocking back against him, fingers still digging into his hip. Warmth was already starting to spread low in his belly, tightening his balls and hitching his breath and he couldn't fight the urge to speed up a bit, just a little, just enough to satisfy the ache inside him.

If Jayne groaning as he thrust into him wasn’t an ego boost, the words definitely were, making Simon blush and grin, almost giddy with pride and yet a slight sense of uncertainty; the words descriptive and soothing and gratifying as they were seeming almost unreal to Simon, never having had a lover he was so intimate with. A lover who was just as fixated on him as he was them.

And then Jayne was moving faster, thrusting deeper and with such damn good aim as he nudged against Simon’s prostate, filling him and making heat swirl and sparks lick through his body. Simon was clenching more now, gasping as thoughts and uncertainties turned to nothing but feeling and knowing and having Jayne. Everything focused on his lover and their pleasure as Jayne’s name interspersed with endearments and groans and pleas fell from his lips.

Jayne watched, distracted, as sweat beaded along Simon's back, gathering and trickling languidly down his spine, tracing the smooth contour and catching the light just-so. He leaned forward and caught the drop on his tongue, sucking at the skin there and leaving another mark, something else to look at and remember just how quickly Simon drove him out of his mind, not that he needed the reminder. His hand strayed from Simon's hip to wrap around his cock, moaning at the weight of it in his hand. Stroking slowly at first, simply enjoying the slide of velvety skin against his fingers as he kissed his way up Simon's back, his thrusts still steadily gaining speed.

Simon wasn’t going to last long, not with Jayne nipping at him every time he thrust, not with the added friction wrapped around his cock, stroking him and making heat flush through him. Biting on his lip as he clutched involuntarily at Jayne‘s hip, a tremor running through him, settling in a broiling mass of heat within his belly and sending tingles along his cock; Simon couldn’t help the whimper that was barely muffled by his lips as sensation and heat coalesced into one, making Simon clench hard around Jayne, his muscles spasming as his cock pulsed his release, his lover’s name on his lips as he panted, feeling dizzy and heady and blown away all at once.

He'd hoped that he might be able to last at least a little bit longer, revel in the feel of Simon around him for as long as possible, but Simon's release spilling over his hand seemed to be the trigger for his own, like a Pavlovian response, not that he knew Pavlov. His own cock seemed to pulse in time with Simon moaning his name, with Simon's hand clutching at his hip. Sparks flew behind his eyes as his release spilled out of him, seeming to take all the strength in his body with it, leaving his breath heaving in his chest as he slumped forward onto Simon, his knees no longer seeming capable of supporting his weight.

Not wanting to crush the smaller man, he slipped his arms around Simon's waist and rolled over onto his side, keeping Simon as close to him as possible, almost certain he could feel the doctor's pulse through his back, though it might have been the echo of his own pulse pounding in his ears. "Simon," he murmured contentedly, burying his face in his lover's hair and letting his eyes fall closed.

Trembling, legs barely able to support him, still dizzy in the aftermath of his own intense orgasm, Simon’s legs almost buckled as Jayne fell against him. Managing to reign in enough strength to hold them both up, body sticky, achy and sated, wanting nothing more than to join Jayne and collapse. He was fervently glad when Jayne rolled them to one side, spooning against him and holding him tight as Simon snuggled back against him. The warmth and security was just as addictive as the sex and man himself, Simon reasoned, eyes closing and lips curving in a smile as Jayne murmured his name.

He could have muttered something back, some endearment or even Jayne’s name, but Simon preferred the tactile approach, hand moving, caressing up Jayne’s arm, resting against his neck and curling around to the nape to gently stroke the skin there as he sighed in content.

Slipping one leg between Simon's, Jayne held him tightly, fingers idly tracing over his stomach. Warm and exhausted and downright blissful, pressing small kisses to Simon's hair, graceful fingers tracing over the back of his neck, he couldn't imagine anything that felt better than this, than being close to Simon in every possible way, even with his persistent ability to awkward things up with his persistent inability to put his thoughts into words. Actions he was good with, though, and exhausted as he was he couldn't stop himself from doting on Simon this way. Not because he felt the need to show Simon just how loved he really was (he did, but that wasn't what this was about), but because he simply couldn't stop touching him, and didn't want to.

Achy and tired but more sated, more secure than he had been in a while, Simon’s finger stroked at the nape of Jayne’s neck, gently caressing as his eyes half-closed. There wasn’t a better way to spend time before a job, wasn’t a better way to spend life than living it like this for that matter. It was at that moment that Simon truly came to realize not only how much Jayne meant to him, not how fortunate they were, or how much he felt for the rest of the crew and his sister, but how much Serenity meant to him. What Serenity meant to him.

She was home and security and life all rolled into one, something Simon knew he could never, and would never, give up.

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