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RP, fic'ced up for y'all.

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Jayne/Simon
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8030. Damn, that's a lot of smut. ^.~
Disclaimer: Not mine. Or ours, for that matter.
Warnings: My Jayne turned a might fluffy on me. XP
Notes:Smutty little interlude that the lovely wildannuette was generous enough to RP with me. >^.^< She controlled Simon, and I controlled Jayne. Posted now for your viewing pleasure, cause we're generous folk. ^^

EDIT- I went through and fixed up some of the spelling and grammar mistakes. Sorry for not giving this a thorough beta first. XD

Jayne was sitting in his bunk, sharpening his knives, when it happened- his favorite knife sheath finally fell apart from wear and overuse. "Gorrammit, just my luck", he muttered, searching around to see if he had anything to fix it. Usually he kept a leatherworking kit for just such an occasion, but he hadn't been able to buy any new supplies for it, and it was plumb empty. Well, he thought, if anyone would have some kinda sewin' kit or somethin' sissy like that, it'd be the Doc. So he climbed out of his bunk and headed off to the passenger dorms, barging into Simon's room without bothering to knock.

"Hey Doc, my knife sheath's busted and I ain't got nothin' ta fix it with. I figure, you bein' a sissy 'n all, you prob'ly got a sewin' kit lyin' around here somewhere. Mind if I borrow it?"

It had been a quiet day so far, River had been calm through most of it, an idle thought that was about to come back and bite Simon in the ass- but the doctor didn't realize that as he lay on his bunk, quietly scanning his book. As Jayne burst in the door, Simon jumped up quickly, almost catapulting himself off the bed as he did, the instinctive, "Who's hurt?" flying from his lips even as Jayne spoke. Blinking in confusion and stupefied by Jayne's request the only words he processed were, "A sissy?"

Jayne chuckled at the response his sudden entry had earned him. Flusterin' the pretty-boy Doc was one of his favorite past-times, and it never ceased to amuse him utterly.

"Yeah, a sissy. Ya know, all soft and pretty-like, kinda like a girl only without the intrestin' bits. So I ask ya again- you got a sewin' kit I c'n borrow?"

He folded his arms across his chest and stared the younger man down, an amused smile twitching up the corners of his lips.

Simon resisted the urge to scowl at the smiling man, pushing his annoyance under manners. Sometimes it made him a little more prissy then even he would have liked but it helped when dealing with Jayne, and often Mal too. Except this time Jayne was encroaching on his bunk and not just his workplace; an idea formed in his mind, slightly mischievous yet one he doubted Jayne would see. As innocently as he could manage he asked, "You don’t think I have any interesting bits?" Deliberately he scanned his body slowly before adding, "Soft and pretty? Why thank you Jayne," a slight smile twitching at the corner of his mouth as he spoke.

Jayne blinked in utter disbelief. Yesoo, is he hittin' </i>on me</i>? Well, this day was certainly starting to look up. His broken knife sheath immediately forgotten, he let his eyes wander lazily over the young doctor's body, not bothering to be coy about it.

"Just 'cause I said you ain't got any 'a the intrestin' girly bits don't mean there ain't anythin' worth lookin' at," he growled, voice husky. His eyes finished roaming Simon's most decidedly interesting body and settled on his face, catching the suppressed smile. An answering grin spread across his face.

"And yer welcome."

Insults or possibly stammers, Simon had expected in response to Jayne but the frank assessment he hadn't. He felt a hot blush stain his cheeks, traveling down his neck as Jayne's eyes wandered his body. Idly he wondered if Jayne was taking his 'game' as it were and pushing it to the next level but the mercenary's drawl answered that question.

Now isn't this interesting, Simon thought, the thrill of excitement surprising him. "I'm not sure I can see anything worth looking at," Simon commented appearing serious as he stood up, hands running over his body. Slowly turning around, he shook his head as if bemused. "Maybe not right now." He added softly, his eyes flicking to Jayne as his fingers reached for the top button of his shirt.

Jayne lifted an eyebrow. It was one thing to tease the kid, but he hadn't expected that kind of willingness to continue this little game, particularly not after that flush spreading over his cheeks. But yeah, that was definitely the Doc unbuttoning his shirt, and Jayne was caught off-guard by the wave of lust that crashed over him at the simple motion of those smooth fingers slipping a button through a button hole. He swallowed hard, willing his face not to turn red as well.

"Well, soon as you think 'a somethin' you go ahead 'n show me." His voice didn't come out quite as steady as he'd hoped.

Simon paused for a second before working on slowly undoing the second button; this time, as he caught the slight hitch in Jayne's answer, he couldn't help the smile which stole over his face.

"I'm not sure what you would class as interesting Jayne." His hands moved on to the last few buttons, taking equal time in undoing each before he let the shirt part, his fingers briefly gliding over his chest before he shrugged it off.

Anally retentive as he was sure it would appear to Jayne, Simon folded the shirt, dropping it on the bed. He teased his fingers gently over his own skin, moving from collar to hip bone- fingers a hairs breath from his nipples.

Although his own willingness to do an impromptu strip tease surprised Simon, he felt at ease with it and with his own body. At this level he could communicate with Jayne, could actually understand the man- at other times he had less luck. His fingers hooked into his trousers and he smiled softly at Jayne before going any further.

If Jayne had realized that he was visibly panting he would have been mortified, but he was too busy staring at Simon to notice. His eyes devoured every bit of newly-exposed flesh, all of it as soft and smooth as the doctor's hands. He never would have admitted it, but those hands had always been a distraction to Jayne- the slender, clever fingers that handled a scalpel with such grace and ease. He'd always wondered just what else they could skillfully handle. Watching those hands brushing over that skin was just about the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. And then Simon stopped.

That posed something of a dilemma, because now Jayne had to choose which would be better- simply watching the unparalleled sight of Simon enjoying his own body, or getting over there and doing some enjoying himself. He cleared his throat, not quite trusting his voice to come out steady, and flicked his eyes over the young doctor's hands poised at the waistband of his pants.

"That an invitation?"

Simon's fingers were idly stroking over his waistband, as Jayne spoke; they paused for a brief moment as Simon not only considered the question but also got over his surprise at it. "Do you need me to make an announcement over the cortex?"

Mischief was apparent in his eyes now but his expression remained as neutral as possible, only disrupted by the slight curving of his lips. It was possible sassing Jayne wasn't the brightest of his ideas but from the mercenary's very visible reaction to his de-clothing- it was a fun one. His lips parted as his tongue moistened his lips, his fingers dipping further under his waistband as he waited, apparently idly, for Jayne to make his move.

"Don't gotta tell me twice," Jayne grumbled, and made his way over to the bed, forcing his steps to be unhurried despite his eagerness to start markin' up that pretty white skin. He was already telegraphing too much, he knew, and it wouldn't do to let Simon think he had the upper hand.

He stopped at the edge of the bed, not yet sitting down. Almost tentatively, he reached out a hand and laid it on Simon's chest, marveling at the silken feel of it. He brushed over that sleek skin, slowly tracing the contours of muscle and bone. It felt as good as it looked.

Simon resisted the 'glad to hear it’ comeback; as Jayne walked towards him, he kept his body relaxed although his heart was racing at the almost-contact. With such a slight distance between them, Simon could smell the distinct scent which is Jayne, and Jayne alone.

When Jayne touched him, surprisingly gently considering his size and strength, Simon couldn’t help but briefly close his eyes, his tongue moistening his lips as his nipples hardened. Opening them, a hesitant smile came upon his lips for a moment unsure whether to touch back or continue stripping. Not wanting to spoil the moment Simon fingers popped the button on his pants, as if daring Jayne into action.

Jayne chuckled, glad to see that he wasn't the only one having to work hard to wait. "That eager are we?" he teased, brushing his fingers past the waistband of Simon's trousers, but not yet venturing further. He stroked them upwards instead, teasing over the young doctor's rapidly hardening nipples. Leaning down, he ran his tongue over the smooth line of Simon's collar bones. He tasted somehow both salty and sweet. Jayne groaned softly, latching his teeth onto the sharp curve of bone and sucking a purple mark there. Anxious as he was to get to the good part, he wasn't sure if this was a one-time kind of thing, and he wanted to make sure that he was really able to enjoy it, just in case.

Simon couldn't help the groan that passed his lips as Jayne placed the love bite on his collar bone, Jayne's hands were doing the teasing now taking over from Simon's own. The doctor's hands were on Jayne's hips, pulling at the shirt there impatiently until his fingers found a gap and slipped underneath, hands splaying on Jayne's skin. Gently he trailed his fingers up Jayne's sides and then down his back before possessively grasping his buttocks.

Jayne pulled back long enough to slip his shirt over his shoulders, letting it fall carelessly to the floor. He kissed and licked his way down Simon's chest, placing bites and marks sporadically along that alabaster flesh. Encouraged by the young doctor's moans of approval, he worked his way down, slipping his hand down the front of his pants and circling his fingers around the hardness he found there. Surprising himself, he tilted his head upward to claim a demanding kiss from that pretty mouth, sliding his tongue past silken lips to run firmly along Simon's. "You taste really good," he muttered, voice almost accusatory.

Jayne's mouth and hands on his chest were arousing enough but as the man's hands dipped lower Simon bit off a whimper. His cheeks flushed a deep red and one hand moved up and pushed past the waistline of Jayne's pants, to slip inside and squeeze his buttock.

To say Simon was shocked by the kiss was an understatement; Jayne's 'I don't kiss on the mouth' statement from long ago had always been a bane in his fantasies. Unfortunately the kiss was over far too quickly and as Jayne spoke, he stared at him confusion obvious- but only for a minute. "So do you." The soft reply slipped from his lips before he placed a hand on Jayne's chin, moving in to give the merc a kiss back. A slow, deep, burning kiss which explored not only Jayne's mouth but his lips too.

Jayne moaned quietly into the kiss, tongue sliding languorously along Simon's mouth, memorizing the taste and feel of it. He maneuvered his way onto the bed, laying half on top of the younger man, hand never ceasing in its slow, teasing strokes. Simon's hand on his face felt searing hot, burning the memory of it onto his skin so that he was sure he would feel it there long after it was gone. His head was reeling from the contact, and he kissed Simon harder, teeth nipping at lips, trying to taste every bit of offered flesh. Simon's other hand reminded him of the clothes still separating them, and loathe as he was to lose any bit of contact, he broke away long enough wriggle out of his own pants and remove Simon of his own.

Who would have thought it? Simon just couldn't get enough of Jayne, his touches, his kisses- he was all but begging for more. Unashamed of his behavior and surprising lack of fancy manners, Simon's hands kept caressing as Jayne drew him more into the kiss. When the merc finally drew back, Simon started for a second but as Jayne quickly rid them of the clothes they wore, offending obstacles to mind-blowing sex, a shy grin stole over Simon's face. In a fluid movement, he bounced up and nipping gently at Jayne's earlobe, his fingers skimming over the newly revealed toned flesh of the other man. Tracing each muscle, his mouth trailed down Jayne's neck leaving kisses in its wake before he ran his tongue over Jayne's scar- the scar Simon had stitched so neatly.

An embarrassingly needy moan escaped Jayne's lips as Simon's tongue played over his scar. That pretty mouth he'd thought of more times and in more ways than he'd like to admit was even better than he'd envisioned, and he wasn't sure he'd ever get enough of it. The hand that wasn't supporting his weight went about its previous task, grasping the younger man's length and stroking, just hard enough to be sure that its presence was known, but not hard enough to offer any release. His breath caught in his throat as he suddenly became fully aware of what he was doing and who he was with. There was something about the sight of Simon, nude and flushed and wanton, that was sexier than anything else he could have possibly imagined, and the fact that it was all for him just made it that much stronger.

"Ta ma de, Simon, you are fuckin' beautiful," he growled, almost in spite of himself.

Simon was leaning into Jayne's touches as he ravished his body with kisses and small bites. His fingers were splayed on the other man's hips, holding him steady as he moved down Jayne's body. Regretfully he had to pull away from Jayne's caresses, his cock twitching as if in reproach. Dropping carefully to his knees, he kissed past Jayne's hip bone and down his thighs. As Jayne spoke his mouth moved away from the small area it had been sucking on, leaving a reddish purple mark on the man's inner thigh; his words couldn't have shocked Simon more if Jayne had grabbed him by the hair or slung him around. Mouth hanging open for a moment, he recovered his composure enough to smile softly up, "Thank you." Grinning cheekily he added "You're pretty swai yourself," as his fingers reached up, gently stroking Jayne's hard length.

Jayne murmured words of encouragement as Simon explored his body, his breath escaping through his teeth in a hiss at the scrape of teeth against his skin. His lips twitched up at the edges at Simon's words. Seems they found a way to play nice- wouldn't the Captain be overjoyed? He almost considered voicing that thought, but decided against it. And then Simon's hand ghosted over his cock, and any and all coherent thoughts fled from his mind. His hips jerked forward inadvertently at the contact, a low groan sounding in his throat. He twined his fingers through Simon's hair, cradling his head almost gently. "Thanks," he managed.

Simon watched Jayne's lips twitch, the smile threatening at the corner of his mouth. It was almost surreal, dreamlike or if he was honest with himself, like so many of his fantasies- no, better then any of his fantasies. Because ever murmur, every motion turned Simon on more, as Jayne's hips thrust forward, he rested his hand on Jayne's heated cock, only stilling as Jayne's fingers gently ran through his hair and leant if as the other man spoke; a blush stole over his face as the simple spoken word, the only response coming to mind being, "You're welcome." His eyes sparkled the instant the words left his lips and as if to illustrate them, his head moved ever so slightly forward, his small pink tongue darting out to dash over the head of Jayne's cock- teasing for a moment.

"Fuck!" The expletive had left his lips before he had the chance to even try and censor it. Certainly he'd had an idea of what Simon was planning to do, getting down on his knees in front of Jayne, but the idea paled in comparison to the reality. His fingers tightened in the younger man's hair, trembling with the effort it took not to pull that hot mouth down over him with the force of impatience. But the thought of possibly hurting Simon repulsed him, and besides, he knew well enough that the teasing only made it better when they got to the really good part. His breath was coming in heavy pants, and the image of Simon, tongue poking out from between his lips with that cat-at-the-cream look threatened to make this a really short tryst if he didn't get a handle on his normally iron-tight control. He closed his eyes, concentrated on taking deep, even breaths, and willed himself not to do anything embarrassing.

Simon could feel Jayne's fingers shaking ever-so-slightly in his hair. He knew it wasn't fair to tease too much, to make the man into a state without delivering anything but he couldn't help himself. Running his tongue from the base of Jayne's cock to the demanding head, Simon tasted the unique salty flavor of Jayne. Closing his eyes he savored both taste and scent as his tongue lazily swirled around the head, occasionally flicking over it. Jayne's pants were a welcoming sound, Simon felt a thrill of excitement at hearing them and knowing he was causing such a reaction in the other man. He opened his eyes, pupils dilating as he drank in the breathtaking sight of Jayne so close to losing control. Eyes open and glued to Jayne's face, his lips parted, his mouth descending over the man's cock as he took as much of the length into his mouth as he could.

Jayne bit his lip against the cry he heart threatening to tear from his throat when Simon finally took him into that incredible mouth. He wasn't usually one to censor himself during sex, but neither of them had had the foresight to lock the door and it wouldn't do for someone to come bursting in, afraid that Jayne was manhandling their precious doctor. Technically he was, in a manner of speaking, but not the way they'd be thinking. So he bit his lip until he tasted blood, using it to ground himself, to win back some measure of control. That being accomplished, he dared to open his eyes once again, to drink in the incomparable sight of the young man kneeling before him.

“Simon," he moaned, pulling his hands back to cup his face, thumbs brushing over that handsome jaw line. It occurred to him that he had never used the doctor's proper name before today, and he wondered why that was. He liked the taste of it on his lips, immediately deciding that he would have to start using it more often.

Simon's mouth was working over Jayne's cock, lavishing as much attention, as much stimulation as the doctor was able. His eyes only leaving Jayne's face as his head motions dictated, he took in the mercenary’s arousal and the obviously biting of his lips- swelled lips which Simon looked forward to kissing soothingly. As his teeth grazed gently over the warm length, Simon realized just how much he enjoyed making the other man lose control, especially whilst keeping his own composure. Just as much as he enjoyed the husky sound that Jayne made his name into.

His eyes on Jayne's, he was surprised when the man cupped his jaw, looking at him as if he'd never seen him before. Simon supposed in a way he hadn't. Lips swollen, body flushed, hair wild and a definite gleam in his eyes- Simon was as far from being the perfect gentleman, perfect doctor and perfect Core citizen as he possibly could be. And he loved it. Was making the most of it, in case the opportunity never arose again. "Yes?" The husky murmur left his lips of its own accord, slipping out in response to Jayne.

The softly murmured word startled Jayne a little. He was aware that he'd called Simon's name, but hadn't thought that it could be construed as a question, or the prelude to a command. He struggled for a moment with what he wanted to do, strengthened his resolve, and eased the young doctor's head back, whimpering quietly at the loss of that warm, wet heat. Staring intently into those crystal blue eyes, he ran his thumb gently over Simon's swollen lips.

"Not that I ain't enjoyin' myself, but if you don't quit that, this is gonna be over long before I intend it to be."

He pulled the young man to his feet, guiding him back to sit on the bed before settling on his knees on the floor in front of him. A painfully light, teasing finger ran up the length of Simon's cock, and Jayne chuckled at the response it earned him. Turn about was fair play, after all, and he intended to leave Simon whimpering.

Surprise flared briefly in Simon's eyes as Jayne gently guided him away from his current activity, uncertainty showing a second later as their eyes met. As Jayne ran his finger over Simon's lips, the doctor's lips parted taking the digit briefly into his mouth and sucking on it. A blush traveled down his neck as Jayne spoke, a slightly smug smile taking its place as Simon realized how close he'd brought the other man to losing control.

His cock twitched in excitement as Jayne maneuvered him, kneeling in front of Simon this time and he briefly wondered how close Jayne would take him- how much could he take? Trembling in anticipation, a tiny gasp left his lips as Jayne ran the feather-light touch up his cock, his hands splaying on either side of him, ready to gain back the balance he knowew he'd need.

Jayne smirked. This was a Simon he never thought he'd see- flushed and disheveled trembling with anticipation. It made him human. The fact that there was more to Simon than just vests and styling gel and shiny shoes was almost comforting to Jayne in a way that he couldn't quite put his finger on. But then, there was something right in front of him that he definitely could put his finger on, so he did, still teasing with only the lightest of touches.

His lips trailed up the inside of Simon's thigh, pausing occasionally to leave bite and suck marks along the pale expanse of skin. He ran his tongue up the crease where hip meets thigh, then pulled back enough to blow a thin, cool stream of air over the wet trail, knowing that it would leave Simon twitching. There were advantages, it seemed, to his frequent patronage of those houses of ill-repute.

Finally, he turned his attention to Simon's cock, licking along the underside, mouthing small, wet kisses along the shaft, but still not using any kind of pressure. One hand held him loosely around the base, the other gripped firmly at Simon's hip, hard enough to bruise. He eased his grip when he realized just how strong it had been, stroking over the abused flesh in apology.

Simon caught the smirk and despite looking forward to what was coming, he schooled himself for severe teasing. After all turnabout was fair play and Simon had had Jayne panting with desire, he was sure the other man would return the favor- and he was in no way disappointed. In fact the anticipation, his fantasies, they all paled in comparison to what was happening now.

Biting back a groan as Jayne worked his way up his thigh, Simon's hands fisted the covers on his bunk his eyes closing for a second as reveled in the sensations. Simon had had only a few partners in the past but they now all seemed clumsy and inept in comparison to the man tormenting his body with such delightful sensations. Jerking as Jayne blew on his skin, sensitizing the flesh there, Simon fisted the cover tighter and opened his eyes just in time to see Jayne descend on his cock.

The harsh intake of breath was almost masked as Simon clamped his lips shut, his cock twitching as Jayne kissed up and down it- making him eager and damn near begging for more. He didn't even feel Jayne accidentally bruise his hip, though the tender stroking didn't go unnoticed; his body was centered on Jayne trembling with a need that surprised him.

Mmm, that was exactly what he wanted- Simon trembling at his mercy, gripping white-knuckled at the sheets, eyes gone dark with lust. Well, it was almost exactly what he wanted. The boy wasn't begging yet, which meant he wasn't doing his job well enough. He added little licks and flicks of tongue, the careful, gentle scrape of teeth. The hand that was circling Simon's length released its grip to travel lower, teasing over his balls and continuing on to press at the short expanse of skin behind them. He let his breath gust warm and wet over the head of Simon's cock, still refusing to take it into his mouth and end the torment that earned him such delicious noises of need and desperation. It was a power trip, and Jayne was a power-hungry bastard.

Teasing bastard, Simon could see the lust in Jayne's eyes and knew that the other man wanted to see him completely lose control- to beg and whimper and god only knows what else. Simon's mouth clamped shut, unwilling to end the game so quickly; mentally he recited to Hippocratic oath, occasionally stumbling over words as a tantalizing lick and nip tormented his body. As Jayne's breath ghosted over Simon's cock, the sensation pushed Simon's control almost to the edge. "Tzao goa!" The curse slipped out as his hips thrust upwards, demanding and pleading with Jayne where his mouth would not.

Chuckling at the sound of a swear on the usually prim doctor's pretty lips, Jayne stilled Simon's hips with a firm grip, though still mindful of the bruise already starting to purple there. Moving his lips to the thigh he hadn't marked up yet, he purred against Simon's skin, "Shiny, Doc, but not quite good enough. You want it, yer gonna hafta beg." He teased a broad, flat lick along the underside of the head of Simon's cock, swirling it around before pulling back with the barest graze of teeth. His fingers pressed, alternating both light and hard touches, varying the pattern enough to always keep the younger man guessing as to just what he was going to do next. The hand that had been gripping his hip slid up along his ribs to his chest, fingers brushing over a nipple. For a man-ape, Jayne was very, very coordinated.

Staring down at him, eyes widening in disbelief, the blush that trailed from Simon's cheeks to chest was more purple then red. "Beg?" Simon wasn't sure why he even said the word but the smugness in Jayne's eyes told him all he needed to know. He was dangerously close to losing control as it was and the idea of begging, however unseemly and uncouth, did send a thrill of desire down his spine.

A slight tremor that he managed to quash. As Jayne demonstrated, tormenting and teasing Simon's sensitive flesh the doctor had to bite back a moan, "What like take me, take me now?" He managed to get out a hint of mischief in his tone, complimenting the slight smirk that threatened on his face.

Of course the smirk was wiped off a moment later as Jayne's ministrations started to take their toll, drawing him closer and closer to begging as they chopped and changed- never once giving the doctor time to gather himself and keep control; the word was almost sobbed out through his lips as his resolve finally broke, his mind succumbing to Jayne's touches as his body had earlier. "Please."

"Take me, take me now?" Tempting though the thought was, it wasn't quite time for that yet. Jayne's eyes slitted, a catlike, predatory look washing over his face as Simon finally submitted to his wicked will. He wrapped his lips around the tip of Simon's cock, sucking lightly, tongue tracing lazy patterns along the swollen flesh. His free hand wandered over his chest, tracing the lines and curves of muscle. Heady with lust and power, he slid his lips lower, taking Simon in as deep as he could, his own cock twitching at the thought of the reserved young doctor begging for him, his touch, his mouth. It was more intoxicating than any liquor, and he thought he could get addicted to it if he wasn't careful.

Much as he wanted to watch Simon's face, his reactions to Jayne's skillful ministrations, it became impossible to do if he wanted to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Instead he let his hands do the watching, feeling every twitch and tense and hitch of breath. It wasn't quite the same, but it was good enough.

Simon shivered at Jayne's expression, need sweeping though him just before he felt the mercenary's mouth on his cock. Finally, the moment the thought surfaced Simon let out a soft moan; Jayne was toying with him, his mouth encasing Simon's cock almost torturously slow. Simon tried to resist thrusting into the hot mouth, gripped the covers as tightly as he could untill his knuckles bleached white. He couldn't help the slightest of twitches as Jayne's hands began wandering, teasing his inflamed and sensitive skin. "Please, Jayne." The words were almost a cry as Simon trembled, the delicious torment pushing his senses to their limits.

Jayne felt a shudder of arousal go through him at Simon's words, falling thick and sweet over his skin as though they were tangible. His wandering hand came back to grip at Simon's hip again; he was getting fed up with splitting his attention in two directions like that, it was distracting. He brought his other hand back to his lips, wetting his fingers in his mouth before replacing it between Simon's legs. He pressed lightly at his opening, not moving to penetrate yet, waiting to see the kind of response it would earn him. He'd pushed the kid pretty hard, but he still didn't want him to feel pressured into doin' anything he didn't want to. Jayne was a lot of things, but ungentlemanly in bed he was not.

He slid his lips down further, sucking in earnest now, driven by the needy moans pouring from Simon's lips. He'd had his fun teasing, and it was about time to give him what he really needed. After all, he had earned it.

Simon's senses were on fire, unable to process each sensation individually he rode them out. Panting now as he thrust into Jayne's mouth, he fell onto his back his hands still gripping the covers tightly. As Jayne's finger pressed against his body, cautiously and surprisingly gentle, Simon willed himself to relax, eager to go one step further, to have the man inside him. It was chafing though and for a moment, he gasped before managing to shudder out, "Top drawer, next to you." His fantasies having grown more spectacular and erotic of late, he'd taken to thieving some of the lesser-needed ointments from the infirmary; not only did they serve well as lubricants but they were sweet smelling and not oily.

"Readin' minds run in yer family Doc?" Jayne chuckled, pausing long enough to grab the stuff out of the drawer and coat his fingers thoroughly. "Come to think of it," he drawled slyly, a mischievous grin on his face, "dare I ask why you got this kinda stuff on hand to begin with?" He settled back between Simon's legs, heedless of the dull ache in his knees, and ran his tongue up the length of his cock before taking it into his mouth again. His hand slid back to its previous position, one finger slipping gingerly inside, giving Simon a chance to adjust to the intrusion before carefully adding a second. He sucked greedily, almost impatiently, lips and tongue working in tandem to give the young doctor what his pride hoped would be the most mind-blowing orgasm of his life. If it was good enough, maybe Jayne might just get another chance to see what other depraved things he could coerce Simon into doing.

Simon managed a shaky laugh at the comment, gasping out the pathetic excuse of "Medical emergencies," though what kind of emergency would require lube he wasn't sure- wasn't sure he'd want to find out. Legs parting wider, Simon enjoyed the slow massage moaning softly as a second finger joined the first. "Kao!" The curse slipped from his lips and he whimpered as Jayne worked over his body, melding each sensation into the next. Panting, flushed and wanton, Simon still gripped tightly, his toes curling now to match his fingers. Ears ringing for God knew only what reason, he was unable to hold back, crying out Jayne's name as the mercenary cleverly wrung the orgasm from him.

Now that was a pretty sight. Simon, arching off the bed, toes curling, calling his name as his body tensed with pleasure. Jayne swallowed around him, nursing out every last drop. When he was sure that Simon was thoroughly spent, he eased his mouth off gingerly, resting his head against the younger man's knee. His fingers kept at what they were doing, stretching gently and carefully. His other hand stroked soothingly over Simon's stomach. He watched the younger man with a look that was bordering on awe, eyes taking in the exhausted, sated look on that handsome face, the harsh rise and fall of his chest as he panted for breath. Beautiful. His own unattended need was almost forgotten at the sight of it. He felt like he maybe wanted to say something, but he couldn't think of what, so he just kept doing what he was doing. Seemed like the thing to do.

Sagging bonelessly into the bunk, Simon was blissfully unaware of Jayne's eyes on him. His cock no longer hard, yet still semi erect and very interested in what Jayne was doing to his body. His breathing was returning to normal and only accentuated by brief pants as Jayne's fingers skillfully stretched him, Simon's eyes finally opened, his gaze setting on Jayne. He was almost blushing at the look of reverence on Jayne's face, a bashful smile on his face. "Thank you." His words were soft, breaking the silence.

"More'n welcome," he grinned, pressing a kiss to the inside of Simon's knee. ...the hell was that? he asked himself, shaking his head a little. He wasn't really acting like himself, and it was a little unsettling. But Simon was smiling, an almost shy kind of smile, and he forgot all about it as quickly as it had come in the first place. He withdrew his fingers and got to his feet, scooping some more of the lubricant out of the jar. He paused then, catching Simon's eyes with his. Once he was sure he had the doctor's full attention, his eyes flicked down over his own erection, to the lube in his hand, and back to Simon. "You okay with this?" It was probably kinda stupid for him to ask after everything that had happened so far, but he didn't want to take anything for granted.

The kiss was a little odd to Simon but then so was Jayne's attitude towards their foreplay. Simon hoped it implied this would be more then a one time thing, since Jayne was treating him, in his opinion, more as a lover then an easy rut. The smile flickered for a moment, only growing as Simon propped himself up on his elbows, "Couldn't be surer." As if emphasizing he sat up, one hand taking a hold of Jayne's and guiding it towards the merc's own cock- lubing it in preparation.

Jayne groaned, the soft feel of Simon's hand on his almost better than the slick pressure of what it was guiding his own hand to do. Once he was adequately slick, he reached down to wipe his hand off on his discarded shirt and climbed up onto the bed, pressing Simon's shoulders down. Settling between the young doctor's knees, he leaned down and claimed his mouth for a searing kiss. There was something about those moist, parted lips that was just too inviting. Careful not to break the contact, he drew Simon's legs over his hips, positioned himself just so, and pressed in slowly. Lights danced behind his eyes at the feel of that tight, grasping heat, and he moaned into Simon's mouth, breath coming hot and heavy.

His legs were trembling a little as Jayne positioned himself, more from the nervousness then worry; he could see how cautious and wary Jayne was when taking him, how gently the other man prepared him. One arm moved around Jayne’s neck, pulling him in for an even deeper kiss as his body was breached. There was no pain, just a moment of uncomfortable stretching and then Jayne was inside him. Simon's legs wrapped over Jayne's hips as his arm relaxed, the hand moving down to cup Jayne's face as they kissed.

Jayne leaned into that touch as much as he could without breaking the kiss. He pulled back a little, sucking on Simon's lower lip, grazing it slightly with his teeth and apologizing with his tongue. He kissed the younger man thoroughly, not yet moving, giving him time to adjust first. Supporting himself with one arm, his other hand twined its way through Simon's hair, soft and silky and nice smelling. Jayne wondered idly what kind of fancy shampoo he must use to get it to smell like that, but he never would have admitted that he kind of liked it. He pressed his tongue back into Simon's mouth just as he tilted his hips forward, establishing a slow, steady rhythm.

He could have grown impatient, could have fidgeted and tried to push Jayne into hurrying things along, but Simon was enjoying the kiss far too much. His body had adapted and was eager for more but he wanted more then just a quick rut. Soft hands stroked down Jayne's back, cupping his buttocks briefly and massaging there as Simon returned the kiss- wanting every part of Jayne, not just the satisfaction he'd had earlier. His feet firmly moving to the mattress, he met each one of Jayne's smooth movements with his own, a moan springing to his lips as one motion caught his prostate, sending fresh waves of excitement to his now hard cock.

Normally Jayne wasn't one to take things slow, but this situation was far from normal and he wanted it to last, longer than it probably would with Simon moaning and writhing beneath him. With a parting nip to his lower lip, Jayne worked his mouth along Simon's jaw and settled at his neck, sucking and biting at the smooth skin. His hips started moving faster almost against his will, but he was powerless to stop them. His head was spinning and he couldn't seem to distinguish Simon's moans from his own. Simon's hands on his back felt so good, so right. Smooth and soft, but not feminine like he would have thought. There was strength in them that sent thrills of arousal through Jayne's body. Yeah, this would definitely be over way too soon. But damned if it wasn't gonna be worth it.

They were grinding against each other now, both thrusting so much that you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. Simon heard himself gasping, moaning as Jayne worshipped his neck. He could hear the small noises Jayne was making, feel the tension vibrating in the man and he knew this time they wouldn't last long. This time, Simon thought, hoping that they would definitely have more then a one time thing; he wasn't willing to give this up, not when it far surpassed his wildest dreams and gave him what he'd wanted for so long- Jayne.

One hand slipped from its position and with a startling degree of flexibility cupped Jayne's moving balls; keeping a light grip on them, he massaged the balls together, arching against Jayne as yet again his cock grazed the spot threatening to push another orgasm from his hard cock.

Jayne might have stopped to wonder just where Simon picked up that particular trick if it hadn't had him seeing spots. He was panting hard against Simon's neck now, too far gone to bother with kissing and biting. His hand detangled itself from that silky hair to slip between their bodies, grasping Simon's length and stroking with as close to a steady rhythm as he can manage. Hot breath gusted over his ear as Simon gasped and panted, sending a shiver over him that seemed to go straight to his cock. He stroked Simon faster, had wanted him to finish first (damn that pride of his), but that didn't seem likely to happen. Biting down on the smooth plane of Simon's shoulder, he cried out, spilling his release into that warm, willing body. It was sheer force of will that kept him from collapsing on top of it instead of continuing to work his hand around Simon hard and fast.

Jayne needn't have worried, Simon was only a moment behind him in coming. Only sheer stubbornness had helped him hold on, determined to let Jayne have his pleasure first. The feel of Jayne's body against him, the toned, hot flesh that had been so recently off bounds was enough to drive Simon wild. Throwing off all measures of manners, all proper methods of decorum, Simon nipped at Jayne's ear, riding him now and milking his cock for all it was worth. Sweat mingling on their bodies, Simon arched against Jayne, writhing underneath him as his muscles spasmed and he coated them both with his seed. His face was pressed into the grove of Jayne's neck, inhaling and tasting the sweat there as he closed his eyes, committing the moment to memory.

Jayne stayed like that for a moment, gasping for breath, acutely aware of Simon's head nestled against him. His arms were starting to ache; he had to move, little as he wanted to. He slipped out of Simon gently, and managed to get his arm out from between them and slide it under Simon's shoulders before finally collapsing, exhausted, on top of him. He should probably be worried about crushing the smaller man with his weight, but he was too damned comfortable. He nuzzled against Simon's neck, covering every inch that he could reach with lazy, languorous kisses. Breath still coming in ragged pants, he savored the feel of the young doctor's heart beating through his chest, nearly in time with his own, the feel of skin against sweaty, flushed skin, Simon's hair tickling faintly at his ear. He was sticky and sore and tired and it felt fucking wonderful.

Simon was also basking in the afterglow, the brief paranoid wonderment having been pushed away by Jayne's actions. He murmured almost in reproach as Jayne pulled carefully out of him, his arms encircling the man in case he tried to move. Sore and achy, he was in no hurry to move or even speak; instead he dropped a light kiss to the top of Jayne's head, closing his eyes briefly as he enjoyed the feel of the man on top and covering him. His hands lightly trailed the merc's back, stroking and soothing away any aches Jayne might have. They'd have to talk at some point, have to sort things out, wouldn't they? Maybe they could just continue as they were, with mind-blowing sex also easing into the equation. Simon hoped so anyway.

Jayne sometimes thought that the best thing about sex was the lyin' around after. It weren't cuddlin', men don't cuddle, but it was nice to feel that warm body wrapped around his, breath slowing in unison, hands wandering idly over whatever they could reach. And Simon's smaller frame somehow fit perfectly against his, no jabbing elbows or poked ribs. That wonderful, foggy feeling settled over him and his eyelids just refused to stay open, so he stopped fighting them, concentrated instead on Simon's arms around him and how damned good that felt. He nipped a little at Simon's shoulder, muttering, "Gotta say, that ain't a half-bad way to spend an afternoon."

Enjoying the afterglow was something Simon definitely loved, and he was pleasantly surprised to discover the man was a cuddler. Much as he was sure the mercenary would deny it, Simon was enjoying the more tactile side of him and loving that he could be just as tactile back- so many bed fellows tended to pull about afterward, spoiling the mood in Simon's opinion. He laughed softly at Jayne's words, "Definitely enjoyable." His eyes were open as he hesitantly asked, trying to appear as nonchalant as possible, "So, one time thing, or would you be adverse to this possible becoming an uh...repeat offense?"

Jayne chuckled at that, his relief that he wasn't the only one who could do with more of this almost palpable. "Hell Doc, you know me. I'm a repeat offender." Simon, he reminded himself, not Doc anymore. He propped himself up on one elbow just enough to bring his face level with Simon's, catching his bottom lip between his teeth. "S'long as you got more 'a that 'medical emergencies' stuff, cause I'm plumb out." His other hand came to rest on Simon's cheek, fingers brushing lazily along his jaw.

It was amazing how comfortable he was here, like it was the most natural thing in the world to be naked in Simon's bed. Something about the elder Tam had always rubbed him the wrong way before, left him feeling agitated and itchy. But that itch was now thoroughly scratched, and in its wake was that wonderful feeling of satiety that only comes after a good, hard scratch.

"Oh much, much more." The answer slipped out as a purr and Simon blushed deeply, relief evident on his face. Oddly enough, it wasn't at all unsettling to be lying naked with Jayne, a man who only a short time ago Simon believed would have punched him at the mere mention of sly behavior between them. Jayne's presence always threw him off balance, always made him uneasy, yet lying next to him even kissing him seemed natural- would definitely be a repeat offense Simon looked forward to.

Pressing his lips softly against Jayne's for a moment, his hands stroking the man's lean flesh, Simon felt content. For the first time since coming aboard he'd been himself, and the 'verse hadn't ended.

Jayne smiled against Simon's lips (since when do I smile?), kissing them unhurriedly, taking time to enjoy the feel of them sliding against his own. Kissing was not something that he usually (that is, never) indulged in, and now he wondered why. It was an intimate act, but then, so was everything else they just did, so kissing seemed like a natural addition to their activities. There was something really sexy about it, his mouth melting into Simon's, and purred into it.

"Good. Cause I can think of all manner of unseemly things to do with it."

It had been a damn long time since Jayne felt as good as he did just then. Simon did curious things to him (in more ways than one), and he was looking forward to seeing just what he would suggest next. After he had a nap, anyway.
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