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I seriously can not stop.

Title: How Noble in Reason, part 7
Pairing: Simon/Jayne
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2582
Warnings: Dirty talk, some D/s overtones, but nothing terribly strong. I let myself get a little kinkier with this than I usually do, but it's still pretty tame for all that. Well, as tame as graphic sex can be anyway. ^^;
Disclaimer: Not mine, at least not while I'm awake.

Place your cursor over the Chinese for the translation.

Simon had expected someone to wake them, but no one did. It seemed that the crew had taken to heart his insistence that they be polite, at least for today. Of course, it was also possible that it was some obscure hour of the morning; he couldn’t tell. If he remembered, he’d have to ask Jayne to put his clock on the bedside table where it would actually be able to do them some good. The fact that a thought like that assumed some kind of permanence to their current arrangement should have probably bothered Simon, but it didn’t. He realized with a kind of warm surety that he was exactly where he wanted to be, and he never wanted to leave.

“Jayne.” It was nothing but a quiet whisper. He didn’t want to wake the big man who still lay sleeping next to him, but the name felt good on his lips. He said it again, smiling. His fingers traced lightly along Jayne’s shoulders. The man was like a living furnace; his skin always felt feverish under Simon’s hands. He didn’t mind so much. If anything, Simon was usually a little cold, so Jayne’s heat was a welcome change. As a matter of fact, everything about Jayne was a welcome change. Simon felt more himself around Jayne than he had in a long time, if ever. It baffled his rational mind, but he had to admit that Jayne was a comfort to him, though he couldn’t explain why. He didn’t need to.

Simon molded himself to Jayne’s back, one arm working its way under his neck, the other wrapping around his waist, hand settling on his stomach. He was just getting ready to go back to sleep when he realized with humorous disbelief that he was hard. It seemed that five orgasms in the space of about thirty hours wasn’t enough for him, despite the fact that previously it had been more like one a month, if he was lucky. Perhaps it was the novelty of not having to do it himself.

I really should let Jayne sleep, he tried to convince himself, but the dull ache between his legs and the overwhelming proximity of Jayne finally overrode the politeness center of his brain. He teased his hand along Jayne’s stomach and started nibbling around his ear. If he was going to wake the big man up, the least he could do was make it worth his while.

Jayne was a heavy sleeper. He didn’t wake up until Simon curled his hand around his cock and gave it a few good, hard strokes. His eyes flew open with a grunt of surprise. Then his mind caught up to his body and he remembered that it was Simon, and he settled back against him with a satisfied sigh.

“I c’d get useta wakin’ up like that,” he mumbled.

“Good,” Simon murmured against his ear, hand still circled around his length. “Because you’ve somehow in the space of one day managed to turn me into a complete sex fiend, so it falls on you to satisfy my every depraved desire.”

Jayne’s attempt to look long-suffering was ruined by the low moan that wrenched itself from his lips at Simon’s words. “Well, it’ll be tough, but gorrammit, if it’s my duty, I’ll try my best.” His speech was punctuated by sharp inhalations of breath, as Simon’s hand was still working slowly around him. He let out an embarrassing whimper of disappointment when it stopped. Simon urged him to roll over onto his back, and he obliged. Simon was looking at him in a way that made his stomach feel fluttery, and he wasn’t about to say no to anything the young doctor might suggest.

“Tell me what you want,” Simon purred. He was poised on the edge of the bed propped up on one elbow, his body arching with a predatory feline grace, glittering eyes regarding Jayne like he was some exquisite form of prey. Jayne felt his pulse quicken.

“I want you,” he whispered, not trusting his voice to function any other way. Simon shook his head, that catlike grin twisting his pretty lips. “Not good enough. You have to be more specific. How can I know what to do unless you tell me?”

Jayne’s head fell back against the pillows. It figured the Doc would turn out to be some kinda freak or another in the sack, but he hadn’t counted on this. He hadn’t counted on the tremor of arousal it sent through him, either. He swallowed hard and tried to think of the right words.

“I like your hands. I wanna feel them on me.”


Gao yang zhong de gu yang does he really mean fer me to give him step-by-step instructions? Jayne’s stomach knotted and it was getting harder for him to breathe. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to continue.

“On my face. Run yer fingers through my beard, then along my jaw and down my neck.” As he spoke, Simon complied, which made it difficult for him to keep talking. But those hands felt so good, so soft and warm and perfect that Jayne was afraid for them to stop.

“Now, lay your hands flat on my chest and run them down over my ribs, then back up, ‘n, oh fuck, Simon, I can’t do this-”

“Keep talking or I stop.” His voice was quiet and steady. Jayne whimpered again. Had his eyes been open he would have seen how that small sound momentarily shattered Simon’s tenuous illusion of control. But his eyes were closed, the moment passed, and Simon said again, “Talk to me, Jayne. Tell me what you want. It’s okay.”

“You’re a sick bastard, you know that right?” he grumbled. Simon just laughed.

“So I’m coming to realize.”

“Well good, just so’s you know. Now get yer scrawny ass over here, ’cause right now I want you ta kiss me.”

“Hey, I thought you said I wasn’t scrawny!” Simon protested, face hovering scant inches from Jayne’s, just too far away for him to reach.

“Shut up. I thought it was my turn to talk.” And since it was, Simon did shut up. He slid his tongue along Jayne’s lips before pressing it between them. Jayne’s arms circled around him and pulled him down, crushing their bodies together as their lips met.

Driven by his increasing desire, Jayne pulled Simon up by the hair, turning his head to the side to bare his neck. “Kiss there,” he growled, hands still tangled through the silken locks. Simon happily obliged, adding a rewarding bite for his willingness to continue this game. Jayne arched into it, hissing through his teeth.

“Do that again. And don’t forget you got hands, boy- use ’em.” Simon chuckled quietly, stroking a hand up over Jayne’s ribs, fingers dipping into the slight hollows between them. He bit and sucked at Jayne’s neck, widening a deep purple mark that was already there. “Nn, good,” Jayne groaned. “Keep going lower. Hands too.” Lips still twisted into a smirk, Simon trailed his hand down Jayne’s side to his hip, purposefully avoiding what he knew the older man really wanted. He was enjoying this way more than he figured he probably should, but making Jayne uncomfortable was one of his old favorite past-times, and that wasn’t about to change just because fucking Jayne was one of his new ones.

Jayne was rapidly loosing his patience. “Gorrammit Simon, if you don’t wrap those lily-white fingers ’a yours around my cock I swear to you I will flip you over an’ fuck you ‘til you really do go blind,” he growled through clenched teeth. Simon shuddered, torn between following Jayne’s command and pushing him to see if he’d make good on that threat.

“Is that meant to be a warning or an incentive?” he murmured, lazily tonguing at a rapidly hardening nipple.

“Either. Both. I don’t care, just do somethin’ already!” Desperation was apparent in his voice and Simon’s heart melted a little, despite himself. He slid down Jayne’s body, propping his elbows on either side of the man’s hips, and took his length in both hands, stroking slowly. Jayne settled back, rumbling, “Tha’s more like it,” and twining his fingers back through Simon’s hair. “An’ long as yer down there already, let’s see if that mouth is good for anythin’ besides pissin’ me off.”

Simon had already pushed Jayne awfully far, but he was feeling lucky and decided that it couldn’t hurt to press just a little harder. So far, other than his angry outburst, the man had been painfully tame in what he was asking for, and Simon wanted to see him let loose and really get into it. He ran his tongue up the crease where hip met thigh, whispering huskily, “You mean like that?”

“Not what I had in mind, but def’nitely good. Next time though try a little to yer left.” So Simon, bastard that he was, repeated his actions on the other side. A burst of fresh swearing from above him made him giggle in an unmanly fashion.

Ni zang wo biao zi, you’re really gonna make me work fer this ain’tcha?” Jayne spat.

“That is the plan,” Simon chuckled, nipping at his hip bone.

“Fine, we’ll play it yer way, fer now, but my memory is long and detailed, and I’m gonna be spendin’ my time thinkin’ of all kindsa twisted ways ta get you back fer this.”

“Promises, promises,” Simon teased. “Now, where were we?”

“I think you were about ta shut yerself up by,” I can’t believe he’s makin’ me do this, “wrappin’ those pretty lips around my shaft and suckin.’ Hard.”

So Simon did just that. Jayne’s commands quickly degenerated to one- and two-word gasps- “harder,” “again,” “yes,” “oh God,” “more,” and “don’t stop.” Considering the circumstances, Simon let it slide. He was astonished when Jayne managed to put together a slightly more coherent sentence, particularly because of what he asked.

“Use your fingers. Like you did the first time.” His jaw was clenched, and it looked like it was a real struggle for him just to get the words out. So that’s what he’s afraid to ask for, Simon thought. We’ll have to work on that. Wetting his fingers in his mouth, he slipped them carefully into Jayne one at a time, reveling in the soft, needy moans his actions earned him. He redoubled his efforts, sliding his lips down as far as they could go, and that was all it took. Jayne’s fingers tightened in his hair and he cried out Simon’s name, pouring his release into the young man’s eager mouth. Simon held him through the aftershocks, his free hand stroking over his stomach tenderly.

Jayne pulled Simon up for a desperate kiss, gripping his jaw hard enough to bruise. When he finally released the young doctor, he was flushed and panting for breath.

“Hnn, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Well, don’t go getting’ all cocky, ’cause I ain’t forgotten that I still owe ya for that.”

“Ooh, are you planning to make me beg for your talents?”

Jayne’s eyes darkened with a menacing intensity that made Simon feel all squirmy. “Naw, last time I checked, it was still my turn ta do the talkin.’ So I’m gonna tell you exactly what I want you to do. You c’n start by lyin’ down.”

Simon laid down, his heart pounding in his chest. Jayne grabbed the bottle of lube off of the table, poured some into Simon’s hand, and replaced the bottle. Simon wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but he definitely didn’t anticipate Jayne sitting on the bed cross-legged, staring at him with pointed interest.

“So? Don’t keep me in suspense,” Simon tried to tease, but his voice caught in his throat. Jayne’s lips twitched up at the corners.

“Top three percent ’n all I’da reckoned you could figure that out for yerself. You ain’t come yet, so c’mon. Get to it.”

Simon gaped at him. “Are you saying that you intend to watch me,” he grimaced over the word, “masturbate?!”

Jayne couldn’t hold back a snicker at that. “I wouldn’ta put it quite that way m’self, but yeah, that’s pretty much my intention.”

Dang ni you jing shen bing? I can’t do that!”

“Turn about’s fair play, Doc. You had your turn at makin’ me feel uncomfortable, and now it’s mine. So quitcher fussin’ and get to it, I ain’t got all day.” His eyes were sparkling with glee. Simon continued to gape.

“You’re a sick bastard, you know that?”

“So I’m coming to realize.”

“Well, just so you know.” Simon sighed, took a deep breath, and wrapped his hand tentatively around his length. Jayne just stared, eyes dark and unfathomable. Simon tried to keep his eyes open at first, but he just couldn’t. He squeezed them tightly shut, as though doing so would somehow hide him from Jayne’s penetrating gaze.

“Not so fast there, Simon, you ain’t getting’ outta this that easy. Eyes open.”

“Jayne, I can’t-”

“You better, else you c’n find some place else ta sleep tonight.” Simon winced visibly at the words and Jayne almost regretted them, but then Simon opened his eyes (tian a, those eyes) and he couldn’t regret anything. Simon bit down on his bottom lip and started moving his hand, eyes still holding Jayne’s. His face was flushed, his skin was blotchy and red and covered with bruises and bite marks, and he was beautiful. Jayne watched him for a while in a kind of awe, then he leaned down, kissed his lips almost tenderly, and stilled his hand.

“Why did you stop me?” Simon started to ask, but then Jayne was settling his knees on either side of his hips and sank down onto him before he had time to protest that Jayne would hurt himself if he didn’t do it properly. Strong, rough hands smoothed over his chest and he gave himself up to the feeling of it all, and to the unparalleled sight of Jayne shifting his hips above him. Simon lasted all of about a minute and a half before arching up one final time, orgasm ripping through him as he cried out Jayne’s name.

Jayne climbed gingerly off of Simon and curled up around him, hands still roaming lazily over the smooth expanse of his skin. Simon’s eyelids fluttered closed again and he pulled Jayne towards him for a slow, unhurried kiss.

“I am the happiest man in the world right now,” he murmured, feeling foggy and comfortable.

“I guess that makes you pretty lucky, then,” Jayne chuckled.

“Mmm, and it’s smarter to be lucky than it’s lucky to be smart.”


“Just a line from an old play,” Simon shrugged off-handly. Jayne reached over and brushed a stray lock of hair out of his face.

“I never woulda kicked you out, you know that right?” It wasn’t quite what he wanted to say, but it was close enough for now.

“I know.” He snuggled closer to Jayne, knowing that they should really get up, but not quite able to bring himself to do it.

“We should get up.”

Simon wrinkled his nose. “I don’t wanna.”

“I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you slur yer speech. You sure yer feelin’ all right?” he teased, voice full of mock-concern.

Simon thought about that seriously for a minute, and he smiled. “Yeah. Never better.”

And he meant it.
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