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And now 100% Angst-Free! (almost XD)

Title: How Noble in Reason, part 6
Pairing: Simon/Jayne
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2048 (14,657 total so far, wow!)
Warnings: Shameless teasing of poor Jayne.
Disclaimer: Not mine. If only, if only.
Feedback: will be rewarded in the manner of your choosing. ^.~

When Simon finally found Jayne, he was in the cargo room, lifting a bar of weights that was obviously too heavy for him. He was covered in a sheen of sweat and his arms were shaking from the effort.

“You know, you shouldn’t do that without a spotter.”

“Yeah well, I weren’t much in the mood for company.”

Simon walked over behind the bench. “I could spot you.”

Jayne snorted. “Little man, ain’t no way you could lift this bar.”

He gripped the bar carefully and tried to lift it. It didn’t even budge. He flushed angrily. “Fine. I guess you’re right about that. I just don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Jayne said nothing. He lay staring intently at the bar, as though the secrets of the universe were hidden somewhere within it. The air was so thick with silence that Simon was afraid it might smother them. He cleared his throat.

“I’m not ashamed of you, Jayne.”

Jayne still didn’t look at him. “Prove it, then. Walk outta here with me.”

A relieved grin spread across Simon’s face. “Gladly.”

* * *

Since it was about time for dinner, they walked together to the mess hall. The rest of the crew was already seated. Conversation ground to an abrupt halt as they made their appearance. Five sets of eyes stared at them without blinking.

“Wow. I know you said not to ask, Captain, but I didn’t think…” Zoe shook her head, not finding it necessary to continue that thought.

Simon was shocked. He doubted that Mal had said anything, and just walking into a room with Jayne should hardly set the crew thinking along those lines. It was then that he realized he’d never bothered putting on a shirt. He looked down at his chest, mortified to see that it was covered with what were obviously bite marks. Glancing over at Jayne, he saw that he was also in a similar state of undress and sporting a similar set of marks. His eyes turned back to the crew.

Mal was pointedly staring at the bowl of protein he was eating. Zoe was still shaking her head incredulously. Wash, for once, was completely dumbstruck. Inara looked oddly self-satisfied, as though this was something she’d been expecting for a while. River was playing with her chopsticks, not bothering to participate in the little scene that was taking place. The Shepherd just blinked. Kaylee….

Kaylee’s chopsticks fell from her hand with a clatter and she pushed back from the table, stood, and ran off towards the engine room. Simon closed his eyes then, his fists clenching and unclenching in aggravation.


“I know, Mal. I’ll be back.” In a fit of inspiration, he kissed Jayne lightly on the cheek and stalked off after Kaylee.

Jayne’s look of utter disbelief sent the rest of the crew into a fit of giggles. Zoe patted Wash roughly on the back. He’d had a mouthful of food when Simon kissed Jayne, and he’d started choking.

“Why Jayne Cobb, I knew there was more to you than you’d like us to think, but I never would have thought you to be a hopeless romantic.”

“Don’t see how that’s any of yer business, ‘Nara,” he grumbled, trying to will the flush away from his cheeks. That only set everyone laughing again, and Jayne glowered.

“Can’t a man eat some dinner in peace?”

“Not lookin’ like that you can’t,” Zoe chuckled. “I’da taken you for a biter any day, but Simon? Guess he has more of a wild streak than he lets on. What do you think, Wash? Five plat plus dinner says that our good doctor got at least one go on top.”

Wash leaned back against his chair, resting his arms behind his head. “Nah, I think I’ll pass. I know a loss when I see one.”

Jayne sputtered. His dignity was telling him to beat a hasty retreat, but his stomach chose that moment to remind him that he hadn’t eaten in about twenty four hours. He grabbed a bowl of the questionable foodstuffs and took a seat at the table. “Looks like I might hafta start comin’ ta dinner armed,” he grumbled.

* * *

Simon caught up to Kaylee before she made it all the way to the engine room. He reached out a hand to lay it on her shoulder but she spun around before he could make contact.

“You can’t be here right now.” Her voice was quavering and shrill. Simon didn’t have to look at her to see that she was blinking back tears. “Engine’s got things need fixin’ and I work better alone, so you should just go.”

“Kaylee, we need to talk about this.” His voice was quiet and pleading, and Kaylee dissolved under the weight of it.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she accused, hitting him on the shoulder. He didn’t bother fending it off.

“Believe me; I would have, if I’d known myself. This just sort of…happened.”

“You mean like we just sort of never happened?” she sniffled. He wrapped his arms around her and she let him.

“Kaylee, I love you. You’re my best friend on this ship, and I’ve got plenty of friends to choose from so that’s not just from lack of options. You’ve stood up for me and helped me more times than I could ever hope to repay. But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t seem to return your feelings, and I’m so sorry for that. You deserve someone who loves you more than I can, and you should never settle for less.” Kaylee laughed quietly through her sniffles.

“Dammit, how’m I supposed to stay mad at you when you go an’ say such sweet things like that?”

“You’re not. See, it’s all part of my evil plot,” he teased, placing a chaste kiss on the top of her head. He loosened his hold on her enough to cup her face in his hands, gently brushing away the tears with his thumbs. “We okay?”

“’Course we are. You’re too cute for me to hold a grudge against ya. Besides, I’m your best friend, remember?” Simon smiled.

“How could I forget? Ready to go back?”

“Sure thing.” She smiled right back.

They walked back to the mess hall hand in hand.

* * *

When Simon got back to the mess hall, Jayne threw down his chop sticks and practically jumped out of his chair to run to him.

“You gotta get me outta here, Simon, these bastards won’t leave me the hell alone!”

“Did it ever occur to you Jayne that you could’ve avoided all this teasin’ by as simple a measure as wearin’ a shirt?” the Captain drawled, trying to stifle his laughter.

“It might not be as simple as all that, Sir. There are marks on his neck too.”

“As always, Zoe, you are correct. I retract my statement, Jayne. Ain’t no way you could’ve avoided it.”

While the taunting ensued, Jayne had grabbed Simon’s arm and started dragging him off towards the sleeping quarters. Simon squawked in protest.

“Jayne, lemme go, I’m starving!”

“Well, grab yourself a bowl then and let’s get goin.’ I can’t take much more ’a this.”

Laughing at the urgency in Jayne’s voice, Simon fixed himself a bowl and walked back to Jayne’s side. Sweeping into a theatrical bow, he leveled sparkling eyes at the crew.

“All right, show’s over folks. I hope you’ve gotten it out of your system, because I expect you all to be civil to us tomorrow morning.” With that, he turned on his heel and headed off. Wash pouted.

“Take away all our fun, why don’t you?”

Zoe fixed him with a burning gaze and licked her lips. Wash shifted in his seat.

“Well, maybe not all our fun,” he amended, voice catching in his throat.

“Damn right, husband.”

* * *

Simon laughed all the way back to Jayne’s bunk, poking him in the ribs playfully.

“Now do you understand why I was so interested in keeping this a secret?” He’d meant it as a joke, but Jayne’s face fell at the reminder of their fight.

“It wa’n’t loaded,” he muttered, voice gravelly. “You knew that right?”

Normally Simon didn’t lie, but if there was ever a time to do so, this was definitely it. “Of course I knew that. I said that I trust you, Jayne, and I do. I know you’d never hurt me.” His arm wound its way around Jayne’s waist and his head settled against his shoulder. Their heights matched up perfectly for them to be able to walk like that, Simon was endlessly pleased to learn. “Let’s not talk about it any more, okay?”

“I think I c’n agree to that.”

* * *

And then they were in bed again, and even though it had only been a few hours, it had felt like years. Jayne was on top of Simon, kissing him with a kind of desperate ferocity that left him dizzy and gasping. He couldn’t get enough of it. Their hands roamed the already-familiar planes of each other’s bodies, knowing just where to touch and tease and grab to illicit the desired moans and sighs. Simon thought he’d just as soon stay like that indefinitely, but eventually Jayne pulled back, nodding his head towards the bottle of lube on the table.

“So how’s this work, anyway? D’we just keep, switchin’ off or whatever?”

“I don’t know any better than you do. But, I don’t think it really needs to be ‘structured’ in any sort of way like that. We just do whatever we want.”

“And what do you want?”

“You. Any way I can have you.”

Jayne chuckled, but his eyes were intense and the effect that Simon’s words had on him was obvious. He looked like a man who’d just been offered a prize that he desperately wanted but wasn’t entirely sure he deserved. His voice was thick and hoarse. “Well shit, you already got that.”

Simon trailed a hand along his cheek, fingers brushing through his beard. “I know.” He drew Jayne down for another kiss, this one less hurried, long and languorous. Then he smiled against Jayne’s lips. “I think I have an idea.”

He grabbed the bottle off of the table (starting to get a little low- I wonder if Inara would mind lending us some…) and poured the slick liquid into his cupped palm. Spreading his knees a little and bringing his hips into alignment with Jayne’s, he reached between them, slicked first Jayne’s erection then his own, and rolled his hips up with a grin. Jayne fairly purred above him.

“Best idea I heard all day,” he muttered, then went back about the business of kissing Simon.

They didn’t last long after that. The tension and anxiety of their day coupled with how gorram good it felt to be back here, together, ensured that this particular tryst would be a brief one. It was Jayne who went first this time, moaning his pleasure into Simon’s mouth. Simon followed not half a moment later, digging his fingers into Jayne’s shoulders, crying out the man’s name against his neck.

They lay like that until the sticky pool between them started to cool, and Simon shuddered in mild disgust. He grabbed a pair of shorts from the floor heedless of whether they were his or Jayne’s and used them to wipe up the mess. They could always be washed, and this couldn’t wait. He tossed them back with just as little care and wrapped himself back around Jayne’s body.

“Mmmm,” was all he could think of to say.

“You said it,” Jayne chuckled, running his fingers lazily through Simon’s hair.

Simon caught Jayne’s wrist and brought his hand to his mouth, placing soft, wet kisses on each of his fingertips. Jayne hummed with contentment.

“Simon, I-” He paused at that, brow furrowed, as though he were struggling with words. Simon nipping gently at the inside of his wrist wasn’t helping any either. “Will you stay the night again?” It wasn’t quite what he’d wanted to say, but it was close enough for now.

“Of course. Couldn’t get me out of here even if you tried.”


And with that, they fell asleep.

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