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Title: How Noble in Reason, part 3 (in which Simon and Jayne continue to go at it like rabbits)
Pairing: Simon/Jayne
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2265
Disclaimer: Simon and Jayne do not belong to me. Only the porn does.
Warnings: The fluff just won't go away, no matter how much I beg and cry.
Feedback: is like sweet, sweet ambrosia.

Place your cursor over the Chinese for the translations.

Simon awoke some hours later to the unutterably wonderful feeling of fingers sliding through his hair. He opened his eyes blearily and smiled up at Jayne.

“Hey you.”

“Mornin’,” Jayne muttered, his gruff manner belied by the smile on his face.

“How’re you?”

“Well, I ain’t blind,” he chuckled, ruffling Simon’s hair.

“Hmm, well in that case, I think I’d better try a little harder next time.” He nuzzled Jayne’s shoulder before biting it gently.

“Hey now, I thought you said next time it’d be my turn.” Simon laughed good-naturedly at his mock-pout.

“That I did.” His fingers trailed lazily across Jayne’s chest, curling through the short, coarse hairs. “So, does that mean you’re up for another go?”

Jayne grinned. “Thought you’d never ask.”

Simon looked at him incredulously. “What do you mean you thought I’d never ask? I’ve only been awake for like forty-five seconds!”

“And that’s about forty seconds too damned long without askin’,” Jayne grunted, covering Simon’s protesting mouth with his. Simon sputtered and pushed him away playfully.

“Jayne, you have morning breath!” He gasped with laughter and surprise when Jayne actually had the audacity to tickle his side.

“So do you, but it don’t make no matter to me.” He held Simon down and kissed him forcefully, thrusting his tongue past those silken lips to glide over the roof of his mouth. All further objections effectively smothered, Simon had no choice but to return in kind. It didn’t bother him much. His hands slid up Jayne’s back and into his short hair, fingers running through it looking for purchase. Jayne murmured happily and grazed his teeth over Simon’s bottom lip before working them around to nip at the young doctor’s earlobe.

Jayne bit and nibbled his way down Simon’s body, seemingly determined to mark every bit of his alabaster flesh. His tongue flicked over a nipple and Simon’s breath hitched, his back arching up off of the bed. Encouraged, he took the small, rosy bud between his teeth and bit down on it, hard. The fingers still clutching at his head only gripped tighter so he pulled back, teeth still clenched, scraping mercilessly against the hardened bit of flesh as they slid off of it. Simon let out a low, quavering moan and Jayne smirked against his chest.

“Didn’t take ya fer one who’d like bitin’ so much.”

“Didn’t think I was,” Simon wondered, breathlessly.

Jayne slid further down Simon’s body, letting his wiry hairs of his beard graze lightly over the pale skin of his stomach. The rough, scratchy feel of it made Simon’s flesh tingle and he murmured incoherent encouragements that made Jayne’s skin tingle just the same. He bit down on the smooth expanse of a hip bone, worrying at it with his tongue until the skin glowed red in response. Simon’s hands had abandoned Jayne’s head and were fisted in the sheets, his grip so tight that his knuckles turned white under the assault of Jayne’s talented mouth.

Well, Jayne thought, if that’s all it took for him to get twisted up like that, I wonder what this’ll do to him, and his mouth closed unceremoniously over Simon’s straining cock. A strangled cry rang out above him and he chuckled, steadying the younger man’s hips with a firm grip.

“Weren’t you taught no manners on that fancy Core planet ’a yours?” he drawled. “Could choke a man, buckin’ your hips up all wild like that.” His tone was admirably reprimanding, but the self-satisfied leer he wore plainly stated that he didn’t mind overmuch. Ever the picture of politeness, Simon muttered a half-hearted apology that was cut short as Jayne’s mouth closed over him again.

Though he’d never been in this position before, Jayne knew pretty gorram well what worked on him, and he enthusiastically set about trying to recreate those particular tastes and touches. He slid a hand up the lightly haired inside of Simon’s thigh, gently urging his legs a little farther apart. That incredible tongue trailed broad, flat licks down the underside of Simon’s cock, not stopping until it had gone lower, laving over his balls.

Simon keened, fisting the sheets, struggling to keep his hips from thrusting up again. When Jayne took first one testicle, then the other into his searing hot mouth, he lost the last of his self-control, arching up off of the bed with a shout. One good suck sent him teetering over the edge and he was coming in bursts all over his own chest. He would have been mortified, had he been in any sort of mental state that allowed for rational thought. Instead he just fell back against the pillows, breath heaving in his lungs, fingers relaxing their grip on the sheets and coming back to rest curled around Jayne’s head. They were really beginning to like it there.

Beaming with smugness, Jayne kissed his way back up Simon’s stomach. His tongue flicked experimentally over one of the cooling streams that coated the younger man’s chest. He decided that he liked it and set about cleaning up the rest of it in a similar fashion. By the time he was done, Simon was quivering and mewling beneath him. It was a sound he thought he could definitely get used to.

He hauled himself up on his arms and settled on top of Simon’s body, licking idly at the hollow behind his ear. “You taste really gorram good,” he growled, voice husky and almost accusatory.

“Mmmmm,” was all the response the young man could manage. His fingers traced lazy patterns over Jayne’s shoulders as he struggled to cling to consciousness.

“Don’t go fallin’ asleep on me Doc, you still got a promise to keep,” he teased, nipping around the shell of Simon’s ear.

“’M not,” he mumbled, trailing his lips along Jayne’s neck. “Jus’ gimme a minute.” Jayne’s hand, calloused and rough and perfect against his skin, provided a suitable distraction to the sleepy fog trying to settle over him. It brushed over his ribs, splayed over his chest, teased over a nipple until he was babbling, begging for more. He turned his head, searching for Jayne’s mouth with his, moaning in pleasure when he found it and it opened to him. Kissing Jayne was like nothing he’d ever felt before and he drowned happily in it.

Finally growing impatient, Jayne fumbled blindly over the bedside table and grabbed the bottle of lube, flicking it open with a practiced ease that made Simon snicker internally. He snatched the bottle deftly out of Jayne’s hands, rolling his eyes at the surly growl the action earned him. He spilled a generous portion over his hands and quieted Jayne by curling them none-too-gently around his length.

“No need to get all uppity,” he chided, rolling Jayne onto his back and settling with his knees on either side of the man’s shoulders. “It’s just that, even with the right preparation this is probably going to hurt a bit, so I’d just as soon make sure that it’s done properly.”

Jayne grumbled. “Didn’t hurt me none, and I ain’t exactly old-hat at this.”

“That’s because you’re a beast. I would wonder if you actually had nerve endings were it not for the fact that I now have compelling evidence to the contrary. I, on the other hand, am a soft and cushy Core boy, as you so colorfully put it, and consequentially I have this crazy aversion to pain.” As if that settled the matter (and as far as he was concerned, it did), he steadied himself with his clean hand on Jayne’s chest and reached behind himself with the other, shivering a little at the cool, slick feel of his fingers against his opening.

Jayne watched, enraptured, as Simon slowly and methodically readied himself for the man. As appealing as the rest of Simon was, Jayne’s attention was fixed entirely on his face. Each gasp, each hitch of breath, each flutter of eyelashes, the way his tongue peeked out from between his lips in concentration- it was more arousing than anything Jayne had ever imagined, and he was afraid to blink, in case he might miss something. Sexy and voyeuristic as it was to watch the young doctor do such debauched things to himself, Jayne longed bitterly to be the one that caused those obscene looks of pleasure washing over the younger man’s face. He licked his lips, his voice coming in hoarse pants.

“Fuck, Simon… can I do that? Please. I won’t hurtcha, I promise…”

Lao tian, if he knew what it did to me just to hear him say my name.... Simon shivered, feeling the sound of it flutter almost tangibly over his skin. He nodded in agreement, his voice having deserted him, and withdrew his fingers, reaching for the bottle on the night table and pressing it into Jayne’s hand. “Only if you call me Simon again,” he managed, voice trembling.

Jayne heard himself say, “Anything you say, Simon,” and decided to let that one go, too. There were a lot of things like that he was choosing to let go, and it should have worried him, should have worried him that it didn’t worry him, but they seemed so unimportant when Simon was shuddering and moaning on top of him like that. He coated his fingers quickly and put the bottle back in its place. Steadying hand placed gently but firmly on Simon’s hip, he reached around and entered the younger man’s body for the first time.

The position was somewhat awkward, but it was more than worth it to be able to keep watching Simon’s face. It was more than arousing. It was beautiful. Jayne’s fingers were mercilessly slow in their work, and it didn’t take long for Simon to be begging again, the incoherent words pouring from his lips like honey, and Jayne leaned up to devour them, finding that they tasted just as sweet. Simon finally pulled away, breath heaving, panting, “Enough!” He nudged the big man’s hands away, shifted back, and settled onto him with excruciating slowness.

The mercenary’s self-control was beyond admirable- it was saint-like. He lay still as a stone while Simon lowered himself inch by agonizing inch. The small drop of blood beading at his lower lip as he bit it was the only sign of how hard it was for him not to arch into that soft, yielding body. A hiss escaped through Simon’s teeth as his hips settled against Jayne’s, and he forced his eyes open. His eyebrows furrowed suddenly with concern over what he saw, and he ran the pad of his thumb tenderly across Jayne’s lip.

Dui bu qi, Jayne, don’t do that. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” He leaned carefully forward and gently swiped his tongue over the hurt. Jayne’s voice rumbled low in his throat.

“Don’t apologize, Simon, it don’t bother me none. I’m a beast, remember?” He chuckled quietly, stroking his hands up the doctor’s surprisingly strong arms. Simon leaned into the touch, sliding his fingers through the rough stubble of Jayne’s beard. After taking another moment to adjust, he began slowly titling his hips forward, his breath catching in his throat at the way the scant bit of movement caused an indescribable, shudder-inducing stretch and burn.

Jayne didn’t budge. His body almost shook with suppressed movement, a look of utter concentration on his face. His hands wandered busily over the doctor’s lighter frame, as though in an effort to distract the rest of his body. In spite of himself, Simon’s heart swelled at the thought of Jayne holding back for fear of hurting him. He pressed his lips to the hollow behind his ear and murmured, “You know, you are allowed to move, Jayne. It’s okay. You won’t break me.”

Lao tian, if he knew what it did to me just to hear him say my name, Jayne thought, and thrust his hips up carefully.

They maintained a delicate balance- forward upward downward backward- slow and steady and intense, neither one of them quite willing to risk adding the bit of speed or urgency that would bring everything crashing down around them. It had to happen, eventually, but they toiled to stave it off a little longer, cautious breaths drawn in unison so as not to tip the scales one way or the other. It was that very steadiness that finally drove Simon over the edge first, his breathing falling at last out of pace with Jayne’s as release crashed through him. Jayne’s stabilizing grip on his hips (didn’t even touch me; didn’t have to) held him in place as he thrust up one last time and came inside him with a strangled groan.

The two lay tangled like that for a while, waiting for their breath to slow and regulate. Simon crawled off of Jayne and gathered the sleepy man into his arms, nudging him to lie on top of him. He obliged, somewhat grudgingly.

“You sure I ain’t gonna crush you?”

“I’m really not as delicate as all that. Besides, I like the feel of your weight on top of me.” Jayne hummed contentedly.

“How’re ya feelin’ anyway?” He nuzzled Simon’s shoulder, peppering it with light kisses.

“Feelin’ fine,” he murmured, wrapping his arms around the bigger man. “I’m not blind, though I must admit; my vision is a little blurry.”

“Hn, fig’res I’d be better at this than you,” he challenged drowsily, already nodding off again. Simon smiled, nestling deeper into the bed.

“Well, we’ll see about that next time you wake up, shall we?” And with that, he fell back asleep.

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