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And now for something completely pervy.

Title: How Noble in Reason, part 2
Pairing: Simon/Jayne
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2588
Warnings: Grauitous sexin' and maybe a little fluff that somehow managed to sneak in. =P
Disclaimer: Not mine, sad though that makes me.

Put your cursor over the Chinese to see the translation.

Jayne’s strong arms slid around Simon’s back and crushed the smaller man’s body against his. The doctor let out a yelp of surprise and delight, sliding his knees back on the floor so that he was more laying on Jayne than straddling him. He purred with pleasure when Jayne’s mouth sought his, instead of the other way around.

Under normal circumstances, Jayne didn’t kiss, but these weren’t normal circumstances. They did, however, make him wonder as to what his reason was for avoiding kissing in the first place, ’cause damn but this was fun. It was all searching tongues and nipping teeth and the easy slide of lips against lips, and the normally chill air must’ve been hotter than usual, ’cause Jayne was sweaty and flushed and gasping for breath. Finally, Simon pulled back, giving them both a chance to get some air. His lips were shiny and swollen. Jayne reached up and ran his thumb across them wonderingly.

“Damn you look sexy like that,” Simon panted.

“You sure your sister ain’t the only one can read minds, Doc? You took the words right outta my mouth.”

“I guess I should give them back, then. After all, it is the polite thing to do.” He smiled, the first real smile to grace his lips in longer than he could remember, and leaned forward again to give Jayne his words back in the most creative way he knew how.

Taking advantage of the fact that he was no longer being forcibly pinned down, Jayne braced his feet against the floor and heaved, flipping Simon over so that he was the one lying prostrate. His hands wandered lazily over the doctor’s face, down his neck, across the broad plane of his chest. Simon murmured in approval, biting down on his abused lower lip. Thick, surprisingly nimble fingers worked busily at the numerous, fussy buttons of Simon’s vest. When they continued on to the shirt beneath it, Simon swatted them away impatiently, grabbed a handful of shirt in each hand, and ripped the damned thing open with one quick jerk. Jayne lifted an eyebrow at him in surprise.

Yi shang hua qiao thing’s not much use to me anyway.” Simon flushed a little and shrugged with poorly feigned non-chalance. “It was only getting in the way.” Besides, I can mend it later. He lifted his shoulders off of the floor and shrugged out of his now-defunct shirt. Jayne smirked.

“Guess there’s more to ya than just fancy breedin’ after all. Better be careful, Doc. Word could get around. What would people think?” His hands had returned to roving over Simon’s pale, taught skin and the doctor hissed through his teeth.

“I think they’d wonder how it was that you were privy to such information. And could you please stop calling me that?”

“No.” Jayne pinched his nipple in reproach, and Simon squeaked. Soft, clever hands curled around the back of Jayne’s head, pulling it downward.

“In that case, could you at least think of something better for that mouth of yours to do than taunt me?” Simon arched up, bringing the smooth expanse of skin beneath his right collar bone just within reach of the other man’s lips.

Jayne chuckled. “Now that I might be able to do.” Now that he was thoroughly resigned to this new and undeniably enjoyable turn of events, Jayne went about exploring Simon’s body with the particular type of focused intensity that he reserved for sex and weapons maintenance. His tongue trailed lazily along the underside of Simon’s jaw. One hand was busy supporting his weight, but the other more than made up for it. It seemed to be everywhere at once; running up the younger man’s side, tracing over his ribs, gliding over his hard, flat stomach. That skilled hand chased away all of Simon’s clever words and he could do nothing but moan, assaulted by sensation.

But Jayne was not the only one with clever hands. Since Simon had finally had the good sense to give in to their wicked cravings, his hands set about memorizing Jayne’s powerfully built frame as well as his eyes had. They traced over the fluid lines of muscle, fingertips dipping into every finely delineated curve. It wasn’t quite enough. As thin as Jayne’s shirts tended to be, it was still too much separating them from the gratification of skin on skin contact. Jayne was in the middle of sucking a spectacularly purple mark just above Simon’s nipple when the doctor nudged him to stop long enough to slide his t-shirt off over his shoulders.

The rest of their clothes quickly disappeared and they stood facing each other, eyes taking in what their hands had been learning. Jayne growled in satisfaction.

“You ain’t as scrawny as I thoughtcha were.”

“Uhm, thanks?” Simon laughed, his real laugh, musical and quiet. “I’m glad I don’t disappoint.” He leaned forward, bypassing Jayne’s lips this time in favor of biting a path down his neck instead. His hands, always busy, skated down the trail of hair that led down Jayne’s stomach towards the hardness that was pressing rather insistently at Simon’s hip. Fingertips grazed ever-so-slightly, marveling at the silken feel of the sensitive skin. Jayne drew a sharp breath, his hips twitching forward, urging those hands to do more. Simon obliged.

Jayne leaned against the corner post of his bed for support and tangled his fingers in Simon’s silky hair. Hands still thoroughly occupied, Simon’s mouth was following the path his hands had taken as they mapped out the warm, hard body in front of them. He sank gradually to his knees until he was settled on the floor in front of Jayne, his hot breath gusting over the man’s cock, earning him a low, shuddering moan. Mouth half open, his tongue reached out to lick tentatively. Jayne’s eyes rolled back in his head and he shut them against the sight. It was too much to take in.

Simon was surprised and endlessly pleased at Jayne’s responsiveness. For all of his experience (and Simon’s comparative lack thereof), the young doctor found it astonishingly simple to play the older man like a musical instrument- each touch and lick and taste coaxing out different but equally gratifying sounds of ecstasy. He wrapped his lips tenderly around Jayne’s length, sucking in earnest now, determined for the symphony to reach its climax with him as the conductor. He felt almost dizzy with lust and power as Jayne trembled and moaned beneath his careful ministrations. It was about time, he thought, to take it one step further.

Though somewhat short on practical experience, Simon was armed with a veritable arsenal of anatomical knowledge to abuse in what were sure to be increasingly debauched and wicked ways. He slipped his fingers one at a time into his mouth, his lips never faltering in their task. Slowing his pace a little, he reached between Jayne’s legs, slick fingers playing over that short expanse of skin behind his balls before settling to press gently but insistently at his opening.

Jayne gulped, his eyes flying open. His voice was quavering and punctuated by small gasps, but Simon could hear the poorly concealed nervousness beneath. “Now hold on there just a second, Doc; don’t go getting’ any funny ideas. Just ’cause Jayne’s a girl’s name, that don’t mean-”

Simon cut him off, those startlingly blue eyes looking up at him intensely.

“I told you that you could trust me, and I meant it. Do you trust me?”

Jayne squeezed his eyes shut again, but he didn’t protest further, so Simon took that as a yes. He swirled his tongue lavishly around the tip of Jayne’s cock as he carefully pressed one finger in. The strangled cry that wrenched itself from the man’s lips was more than enough incentive, and he started a gentle in and out motion, slower than the rhythm of his mouth. Not only is Simon very smart; he is also very, very coordinated.

One finger became two and Jayne’s breathing became erratic. Two fingers became three and his breathing almost stopped. They were still slow, maddeningly slow, and he was torn between the desire to push back against them and the desire to push forward into that incredible mouth. Simon hummed contentedly around him and his hips jerked forward. Then those fingers brushed past something that made sparks fly in front of his eyes and he was coming, hot and hard, almost before he even realized it was going to happen, and Simon was swallowing around him, and it was so, so good.

Gentle hands guided him to lay down on the bed where he settled gratefully, eyes glazed over and heart still pounding with exertion. Soft, wet lips closed over his and he opened his mouth to them, kissing hungrily. Simon climbed into the bed next to him, stroking over his chest and sides with what felt suspiciously like a loving touch. Jayne decided to let that go, for now at least. His head was still too fuzzy to bother with it.

“I gotta say Doc,” he muttered between breaths, “that weren’t half bad.”

“I’m glad you approve,” Simon chuckled, trailing light kisses along Jayne’s jaw. “Told you you could trust me.” His mouth twisted into a self-satisfied smirk that was entirely too enticing. It took all the strength he had left, but Jayne managed to lift his head enough to slide his tongue over that smirk. It tasted as good as it looked.

While Jayne’s attention was otherwise occupied, Simon reached back and felt around under the bed until his hand closed around a decent sized bottle. He brought it up, one eye flicking over the label, and he was pleased though not surprised to see that it was in fact a bottle of lubricant. He flicked the top open with his thumb and skillfully maneuvered it around so that his fingers were liberally coated before he set it to rest on the nightstand. The faint sound brought Jayne’s attention to what Simon was doing and his eyes narrowed.

“C’mon Doc, is that really necessary? I mean, I could always…” He trailed off, licking his lips in what he hoped was a sufficiently suggestive manner. Simon just continued to smirk, settling between Jayne’s knees and nudging his legs apart.

“I’m afraid not.” His eyes were glittering, but his tone was playful. “Now I could tell you all the interesting and doctor-y reasons why this is going to feel really good,” his slick fingers made their way easily back into the part of Jayne’s body they’d so recently occupied, and the man groaned, “but you’ve already experienced most of them, so I won’t bother. Besides….” Simon’s fingers withdrew in favor of spreading the lubricant over his erection and Jayne watched them, entranced. “...I’ve got to find some way to teach you to call me Simon.” He smiled softly and shifted up closer, urging Jayne’s legs up over his hips. Jayne sighed in mock-defeat and complied.

“Well, I suppose. Long as I get ta have a go at it too, that is.”

“Of course. After all, fair is fair. I just get to go first ’cause it was my idea.” He placed a gentle kiss on Jayne’s lips, positioned himself carefully, and slid in.

Wa Cao!” Simon collapsed on top of the warm body beneath him, afraid for a moment that he was going to black out. He was not a virgin, and hadn’t been for quite some time, but this intensity, this heat, was like nothing he’d ever experienced before, and it left him reeling. Then Jayne’s arms were around him, anchoring him, and he regained a trembling hold on his composure. After a few moments’ adjustment, he was able to settle into a slow, steady rhythm.

Jayne’s hands roamed lazily over Simon’s back, shoulders, arms. He relaxed into the bed with a contented moan at the unbelievable, delicious burn of Simon inside him. Despite the fact that it had only been a few minutes since his last orgasm, his cock was already starting to twitch back to life. Though he suspected it was the sight of Simon- his face twisted in rapture, sweat-soaked and hair ruffled and pale skin flushed red with desire- that caused his spent flesh to stir as much as, if not more than, the feel of what he was doing. Jayne’s hands abandoned Simon’s body in favor of cupping the younger man’s face and pulling it towards his for a long, languorous kiss. For his part, Simon certainly didn’t seem to mind.

There was no clock by Jayne’s bed, so neither of them could tell just how long they were able to stay like that; sweat-slick bodies sliding together with ever-increasing frantic need. It felt like hours, like days, like eternity. All the same, it was over too soon when Simon’s hand curled around Jayne’s length. A few frenzied strokes was all it took for his climax to tear through his body and he cried out Simon’s name, spilling over his hand in hot streams. The sound of his name being moaned from those lips pushed Simon over the edge as well. He bit down on Jayne’s shoulder, muffling his own cry, and emptied himself into the willing body beneath him before collapsing, boneless, on top of it.

They were hot, sticky, sore, and exhausted. Simon thought it was about the best feeling he’d ever had. With a great deal of effort, he turned his head to say as much to Jayne, then thought better of it. The man was already passed out, and it would be rude to wake him. He shifted just enough to kick the covers off the bed (it was too hot for them anyway), and then he quickly followed.

* * *

Mal made his way to Jayne’s bunk in long, quick strides. It was well past noon and they had a job to be doin’. He opened the door and climbed down the ladder without knocking. Bastard decides to sleep this late, he should expect to be rudely awakened. Snide words of reprimand were poised and ready on his lips, but when he turned around to look at what he had expected to be a singularly occupied bed, his mouth fell open, and the words fell with it.

Jayne was in his bed all right, but he wasn’t alone. Simon was snuggled up next to him, his head resting on the big man’s shoulder, a look of obscene contentment plastered to his face. Jayne’s arm was curled around him protectively and he snored, drooling slightly. There wasn’t a stitch of clothing to be seen on either of them.

Fighting the urge to scream, “My eyes! Tian xiao de my eyes!” he stumbled back up the ladder, the door clanking shut behind him. Simon muttered something in his sleep and snuggled closer to Jayne, who snored on, oblivious.

That’s it- they’ve both gone mad, Mal thought, shaking his head, trying to clear it of the image. He staggered back to the bridge, still shaking his head and muttering along the way. Wash and Zoe were waiting for him. Zoe’s eyes narrowed.

“Where’s Jayne?”

Mal coughed. “Due to a probable mental instability, he’s gonna sit this one out.”

“What d’you mean, probable mental-”

“Just… trust me on this one, Zoe, and leave it be. We got work needs ta be done. Let’s go.”

Zoe shrugged, threaded her arm through Wash’s, and the three of them walked back to the cockpit.

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